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 Let's kick off the GTO section with an example painted in fabulous Denver Gold Metallic.  It's got the cool exhaust-splitter tailpipe treatment, too.
The GTO grille emblem and lettered scoop have been added by the owner; these are not stock.  Looks like a bit of a dent in the rear quarter, but it's not fatal.
Other details of interest are the floor-shift manual trans console with the gauge cluster;  this car even has the in-dash tachometer on the left and clock on the right.  With A/C to boot, this car is about as fully-loaded as they came in 1974.
This is a classic car-in-a-barn, from a farm in Oregon.  It was in non-running condition, and pretty rusty underhood for a West Coast vehicle, but the body seemed intact. Apr '03: Butch York of the Goat Herd GTO Club ( www.goatherd.com )informs us that this car was purchased by one of the club's Oregon members.
Update Sept'04: The car's owner discovers the site and checks in with us:
"...I purchased not 1 but 2 '74 GTOs! I looked for a hatchback (not for very long) and saw what I thought was a great deal on ebay and Butch York and another friend from the Herd went and got it from Grant's Pass, I think - you have it on your website, so now you can update with who the owner is! Turns out that is pretty rough for what I paid, but it is complete." Kevin Green  ( kevmgreen@yahoo.com )
 Wearing fresh blue paint, here's one from Canada
 Something's funky in here...note gauges, floor shift, missing console (optional?), and turned aluminum dash treatment.  How much is authentic?  Update 8-22-03: Info on the dash treatment from Ken Likens mr6x@fuse.net   "That blue 1974 GTO on page 1 with the "glitter" decals actually has a machined turned aluminum facia that may have came late in the 1974 GTO run (my theory). The reason I think this is the case is because if you look at the 1975 Ventura Sprint on your other page, it clearly shows a machine turned dash. I wrote the seller about that and he said it was part of the factory package. Very rare and very neat stuff."  I have received further confirmation that Ken is correct in that this style dash was indeed original equipment on some '74s, possibly even the Ventura Custom as well.  Thanks for setting the record straight!
 (L) The '74 dealer brochure. Someone lent some nice scans to this site...see the 1974 Ventura section and 74 GTO page 4

 (R) GTO owned by Janette Holmes

 I know, I know, there are too many red cars on this page... 

 So here's a little primer to break it up a bit.  :-p

 The Buccaneer Red finish is worn, but it still photographs well.

 Passenger side has a couple of "owies"

 A Texas car, sold on Traderonline I think
 (L) What kind of a console is THAT? Update Mar'04: Bill Brotzler informs us it is from an '81-'86 Monte Carlo, but has been painted or dyed red.  Thanks Bill!

 (R) A real GTO console

If you have pictures you'd like to share, just drop me a line at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com ; this site is updated about every 4 weeks.