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 (L) Gary Ebert's '74 in position for a photo shoot at the LA Car Show, with the new 2004 GTO in the foreground.  Gary's car also appeared in a special-edition Pontiac GTO magazine in November 2004.

 (R) UPDATE 6-6-03: A May '03 ebay car...an excerpt from the original ad:
1974 GTO Hatchback (one of 687), 350 ci V-8, 3spd manual transmission, color is fire coral bronze, interior is saddle. I have most all paper work that ever came with the car including the window sticker. It was made in the Ypsilanti, MI plant. The car was sold at Scutti Pontiac, Inc in Henrietta NY. The car lived its life in NY until this fall when I brought it to Ohio. I purchased the car from my uncle, who purchased it from the original owners. The car has set in a garage for the last 13 years. It needs a lot of work.  From what I know the car is all original and from what I can tell it is 99% complete.  

And now a word from new owner Charles Andrews:
Hello, Just wanted to let you know I bought this car on ebay... This car hadn't been started in 13 yrs.  I put a new battery and some gas in the carb...and it started on the first try...boy did she sound great...no knocks...ticks....nothing but engine... ( charleseandrews@aol.com )

 Another ebay offering in May '03.  Sports a Pontiac 400, a re-paint in 1998 and a rare vinyl top.

 Two-for-One view of Keith Davis's Bad Goat that were accidentally left behind last time.

 Golden Gate Goats member Paulette Hendrickson is the owner of this knockout.  Wow!
       Photos from Tiger Run 2003!  Well, I got there and had about half an hour to take some hurried photos before it rained.  So there's some water on the cars in later shots.  
 Don McKay's blue GTO with camper option, and one of Butch York's fleet of red GTOs.  Tiger tails and stuffed animals everywhere tell you this is a special event.  Bigger than the Nationals this year, with over 170 cars attending.  Wow!
 (L) This is Butch's daily driver, driven to the show by his teenage son Mike.  This car sits on massive 15" rims with fat tires.  Its handling is awesome.  The car was actually wrecked in '96 (a 4WD tried to climb onto the roof from behind), sat for 4 years, then Butch replaced the rear sheetmetal with a section from a junked '73.  It looks great now!

 (R) This menacing view of Butch's purple drag car is probably my favorite shot!   He actually drove this car on the freeway from Bend OR, to Redmond OR...what a sight that must have been!!

- Then came the rain, and half of the cars on display ran away!  Here we see Butch's cars side by side.
On the way to the Tiger Run, we spotted this amazing sight...a pair of Roadrunners tearing down I-5!  We had to hit 80mph just to keep up.  The lower picture is actually by my fiance, Patana....nice job, Pat!  Enjoy, everyone!  8-1-03 Postscript:  I met the owners of these cars at a show last week...small world!)
 Some shots of Don McKay's GTO on its own.  He's got another Goat project in work, so stay tuned.
 This Michigan car was for sale on e-bay in May 03.  Formerly from Texas, it looks like it's seen better days.  You can see the infamous Midwest road salt taking its toll.  At least it's still got the original console and shifter.  

If you have some '74 GTO pictures you'd like to share, just drop me a line at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com ; this site is updated about every 4 weeks. -Roland