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This car has been offered for sale at around $15K a couple of times now.  No takers?
 Interior looks great, body's nice and straight.  Bumpers could be evened up a bit.
 Looks pretty original.  How about the tach and steering wheel?
 (L) Fantastic GTO in Fire Coral Bronze, owned by Dan Roy. Lots more pics of this awesome car can be found at www.ultimategto.com

 (R) Dan's original motor during re-installation

 Dan writes in:

"Back in late August I spun a bearing in my original 350 and have not driven the car since. I decided to have a little fun and got a hold of a bone yard 455 short block to replace my original 350...I am also using the metallic blue engine paint of the '70-'71 vintage this time. I just think it looks the most menacing. I also got a hold of NOS hood scoop decals (for a 70-72 T/A) that say "455 H.O.". I know these things will take away some of the originality of my car, but they are all easily correctable." 

 Black beauty out of Connecticut; nice choice of rims
 Motor was of unknown origin, according to original advertisement
 (L) Nice GTO, just cruising the web

 (R) I had a bunch of pics of this car (sold by Napoli Motors in Connecticut); but you can see the rest of them at  www.ultimategto.com 

 Fantastic photos of a magnificent Canadian GTO.  The owner bought it off of his brother, who just so happened to be the original owner.  Some folks are just lucky!
This car may be offered for sale at a future GTO show!
 (L) This car appears on the Phoenix Graphics website; they sell GTO decals too

 (R) White goat owned by one Bob Dischert of Florida.  See more of Bob's pics on page 4

 Driving in the salt is BAD. This Midwest special wins the "Saddest '74" award.
 (L) Spotted at a Dallas car show

 (R) An appealing shade of blue

If you have pictures you'd like to share, just drop me a line at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com ; this site is updated about every 4 weeks.