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Spending a lot of time on a ship in the US Navy gets your mind focused on fun stuff when you return:  looks like sports and cars in this case.  Welcome back Eric, hope you get to hang out with the rest of us landlubbers for a while.  This is the hard-working crew at the body shop.
(L) Eric was taking votes on cardomain as to whether to keep the monster rims or the previous Rally-IIs.

(R) Nice gold '74 spotted at a car show by Tom Nelson.

Here's a Canadian ride in fabulous condition, owned by Martin Levac ( levacdrum@hotmail.com )

"Attached for new rides: pics of my 74 Ventura, 350 4 barrel, all stock original, this was my grandfather's car, he bought it new in 1974, and he died in early 1986. The 27K miles car went to me... I was his only grandson. So there I was driving my Ventura at 16 years old! 

"Today I'm 34 and this car is a father and son project, it has 82K miles now and we did a lot of things to keep it nice and clean and to improve the driving over the years. I still enjoy the ride of my old Ventura today, last summer I drove it from Montreal Canada to Atlantic City USA... Martin Levac"

Tammy's got a modified '74 Ventura that was rescued from the junk yard.  It's now wearing the biggest slicks and tallest cowl we've seen in a long time!
 (L) This car belongs to Sherman Hammond, the details of his ride can be found at www.cardomain.com     

 (R) An Oklahoma vehicle from Traderonline.com

 You can thank '74 GTO owner Dan Roy for his generosity in donating these terrific scans of the '74 Ventura sales brochure!
 (L) Close-up of the '74 Sprint in Sunstorm Yellow --- beautiful!  Also courtesy of Dan Roy

 (R) The Sprint option as it appeared on an actual window sticker

 (L) A collection of spiffy cars from the sales ads

 (R) This Garden Grove, California car sold fast!

 Towing company special, just begging to be restored. The engine bay and exterior look manageable...
  ...but you might say the interior "needs work"
 (L) A powerful-looking Sprint, with a forward-facing scoop

 (R)  Another Sprint, also with the forward scoop.  It was being sold in Eagle River, WI.  Great vacation spot, by the way.

 Two shots of Larry's 6-banger, smaller pics but included here for its rich gold color and underhood bracing.   
 (L) Lifted from Deals on Wheels sales site; it's got a new paint job

 (R) Overseas at a car show; there's a Chevy 400 under the hood

Can't tell if she's a GTO, but this is a serious race machine!

 This '74 Sprint is being converted to a GTO clone...

Update 8-1-03: Murray Brown murraygto@shaw.ca checks in with news on this great looking vehicle:
"A few changes to the car, to be updated on the web site

 1. Modifying the original evaporative canister to become a fuel cooler with 10 feet of fuel line coiled inside.  Externally, it looks just like the original OEM evap canister that cam with the car (but had been disconnected a long, long time ago), complete with the original rubber hose going to the carburetor (but with a screw inside the hose to prevent the carburetor from sucking any air through the hose) and the other original rubber hose connected to a dummy fitting under the driver's side.
 2. Russell fuel fittings and a Russell fuel filter to connect the above between the fuel pump and carburetor
 3. Accel ArmorShield ignition wires to match the other stainless steel wrapped rad/heater hoses.
 4. Moroso chrome and blue wire loom brackets.
 5. Angled AutoMeter gauge housings to provide better driver's viewing.
 6. Electric radiator fan to try and improve the HP by a little bit more for drag racing."

(L) This perky gal is doing a fine job of promoting this oddly-painted and -spoilered '74.  We here at pontiacventura.com are strongly in favor of this kind of activity... just remember to remove those spiked heels so you don't scratch the hood.  :-)

(R) Everybody's got to start somewhere, so here is Scot Koppleman's ( atomicpunk148@hotmail.com ) first car, a '74 Ventura.
"Hi my name is Scot Koppleman and I'm 16.  I just bought this car today for $500!!! Its got a Pontiac 350 in it and it runs pretty decently.  It needs some body work and some electrical but its a great first car! Scot"