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 A nice GTO owned by Don Fenton, down in the Lone Star State.
 A thorough clean-up both inside & out.  The color is the very rare 'Carmel Beige", for those of you keeping score.
 One of the nicest I've ever seen, though the original rims would look better.  This car used to reside in Michigan.  Originally a Georgia car.
 A nice collage by the former owner, showing beautiful details.  Sweet!  This might even be the original paint job, if I remember the ad right.
 (L) This car has the accent stripe, we don't see that too often.

 (R) "FASTRNU" plate

 (L) A 1974 GM ad that has our favorite GTO in the background.  This was the car of my dreams for many years, (and still is!), but I never saw one until I moved to the west coast.

 (R) Zooming in on the GTO.  Someone (me) was careless removing the ad, many years ago.  I clipped the nose by accident.  Aaargh!

 (L) Top: The goat emblem for '74, available in (3) color schemes

 (L) Bottom: September 1973 issue of Motor Trend, "our car" is on the cover.  Text of article was donated by Craig George, see GTO page 4 

 (R) A poster with 2 views of the '74 GTO

Pete donated 3 shots of his nice (former) ride. "I loved that car!" he writes.
 A repainted Oklahoma car with column-shift automatic.  Not the exact color, but looks nice.   Looks like they didn't replace the GTO decals.

UPDATE 5-23-03: This car was purchased by GTO fan Bob Pope.

An Ontario, CA car with MOPAR parts under the hood!!!
Fresh add to ebay, from Longview, WA.  A clone.

If you have pictures you'd like to share, just drop me a line at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com ; this site is updated about every 4 weeks.