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 "Then and Now" Here's a gentleman's first GTO, as it used to be.

click here for "THE REST OF THE STORY"

 (L)  Here's the same car NOW... There's a cool story behind this series of pictures, which you can get to by clicking the link at left.  Look for "Long Lost Goat Re-Discovered"
 (L)  A slightly grainy pic of a weathered GTO owned by a "Joe" of the Connecticut GTO Club.  Plans are underway to restore the vehicle, hopefully we'll hear more about it.

 (R) A recent dragstrip photo of a fast-moving GTO kindly forwarded by Jeremy, aka Metalhead, taken by someone in his circle of car fanatics.  (The bumpers make it look like it could be a '73 Sprint, but we'll keep her as a GTO and find a home in the Drag Car section in a future update.)

 A Denver Gold Metallic beauty sent in by site visitor Yoyx2@cs.com   More photos of this car should be available in the future.

 An image borrowed from a Russian Pontiac site, which appears to be an actual Pontiac promo shot. 

 "These are a few pictures of my 1974 GTO.  I'm only 17 years old and I just finished restoring this car recently.  I am from upstate New York.  The first  (picture is) of my car in the Syracuse Nationals.  The last pic is of my car as well as my cousin's 2002 Subaru Impreza.  We like to go to a place called Sylvan Beach on Thursday nights to show off our cars.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could put at least one of my pics on your website.  It would be an honor to be included in a collection of pictures such as yours."  gtoman1974@yahoo.com 

 As you can see, John's done an awesome job with his car, and we hope to see more of it on this site in the future.  Thanks, John!

 Answering the call for fresh car photos, here are some shots of Don McKay's unique '74 making the rounds at some recent car shows. 

pontiacventura.com would like to congratulate Don on (reportedly)  having his car featured in the most recent Pontiac Enthusiast magazine.  Wow!

 We heard from Doug at www.nonnova.com, who forwarded this image, along with some updates for other sections of this site.  He writes:
I've included a pic of the saddest '74 GTO on this planet. Feel free to include it on your site to encourage people to not let any of these X-bodies get in this condition. Keep up the good work! Doug (nonnova@aol.com)

 (R) Someone on the PontiacHeaven website shown here adding a '74 GTO to his collection.

 (L) Don McKay's GTO with tent deployed.  Set up in this way, the car is a chick magnet.  You think I'm kidding.

 (R) You may have seen this car on www.ultimategto.com, but it went up for sale again. 

Out of Decatur, Indiana. Beautiful!!!
 (L)  yoyx2@aol.com furnishes another vintage shot of his Denver Gold Goat. 

 (R) Dredging up the archives for a few more shots, here are some mighty whities  :-)

 This is stupendous.  Late-night, blurry-eyed web surfing turns up these great photos of a South Dakota car owned by one Tom Nelson.  Check it out...the red, white & blue striping and GTO theme is matched by the South Dakota plate!  Now, that's coooolUpdate 1-9-04: Tom checked in over the holidays and provided some background on his fine ride:
The car is a very original restored stock car. Original engine, carb, paint color, rims, am/fm radio, tranny. This is an original stripe car, (but) I do have new reproduction stripes on the vehicle. Its going to be in the World of Wheels indoor show in Omaha this spring. They are having a GTO display 64-74, and 04 all lined up in a row. My car will be the 74 example. 

"I took apart, restored, and reassembled most of the car myself. I purchased it in 1994 and most of the restoration was complete by 1996. I've done minor new pieces every year since. The car is driven less and less each year. I drove it 7,000 miles the first year I bought it, before the complete body paint job the next winter. Although the car looks absolutely beautiful now, the best time I had with it was before it was restored. Now I'm always afraid of chipping my paint or dirtying up the engine. So go out and get a good reliable daily driver, and just drive it. Thanks,
Tom Nelson  tomnels@iw.net  "

Toms car has been attracting a lot of interest lately; High Performance Pontiac magazine took some photos of his shaker hood scoop for a future article (winter or early spring 04). Hes also been approached by Pontiac Enthusiast magazine for a potential article on his car.  Best of luck to him!

 Performance Years fans will recognize this new acquisition.  Note the delicate alterations to the firewall.  Probably a 10-lb sledgehammer, I'd guess.  But hey, it's still a GTO!!!

If you have some '74 GTO pictures you'd like to share, just drop me a line at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com ; this site is updated about every 4 weeks.  -Roland  (It's OK if you no longer own the car, too.)