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 Well, we were so proud of these new sets of pictures that we had to start a new page!  The first set featuring the GTO brochure were kindly donated by Dan Roy (see his car on page 2 and at www.ultimategto.com 
 If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a little yellow triangle on the hood scoop.  Did this ever appear on a production vehicle, or was it just a product of the artist's imagination?
 This second new set of pictures was generously provided for your viewing pleasure by Craig George.   

His car has been repainted in its original Admiralty Blue Metallic.  Superb!

 (R) August 2001: Ready to head to the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise and Classic GTO Weekend in Sterling Heights, Michigan

(PDF format)

 You can find additional views of Craig's car at  www.ultimategto.com as well.    

 (L) At the car show, Freedom Hill park in Sterling Heights

 (R) Craig also donated a scan of the September '73Motor Trend '74 GTO article. (PDF)

 (L) Craig's personal favorite picture of his car

 (R) Modified view

Fantastic white Goat from the archives of Bob Dischert
Bob no longer owns the car, but he's still a Pontiac man.  
 (L) GTO from Massachusetts, in "exclusive pontiacventura.com collage format"   OOH!  Color is "Primer Grey Metallic"...just kidding.

 (R) An award-winning GTO, sold by an Illinois resident.  Now THERE'S a paint job...!

 (L) GTO originating in Wisconsin

 (R) New York Goat

 (L) This GTO was retrieved by the Repo Man in Kentucky and sold at auction

 Here's an Oklahoma car missing parts of its face.

 (L) Here's the subject of restoration at www.74gto.com, courtesy of Bill Dunne.  Check out their list of restoration expenses.

 (R) A page from a high school scrapbook.  Friend Mike buys a black Goat, Jerry gets hooked and buys a red one.  Sorry to report that Mike eventually totaled his car.

 Some hot views of Jerry Sheffer's current GTO.  These two shots are good examples of how to photograph your car: a background free of distractions, a nice setting...nice job!
As promised last time!

If you have pictures you'd like to share, just drop me a line at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com ; this site is updated about every 4 weeks.