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(L) Site visitor Dan Hernandez ( dhernandez1961@juno.com )dug out this wonderful old photo of his former Skylark, and shares the history behind it...
"I thought you might like a picture of a Skylark from "back in the day". This is a pic of me and my '75 Skylark circa August 1978. I was 17 and already had her for 3 years. My dad helped me buy it new so I wouldn't buy the 390 Javelin I had my heart set on (driving age in Idaho was 14 at the time). With the Appliance mags and Polyglas tires, it was a head turner, especially because there were very few like it around. If you were able to see closer you would see my Rocky T-shirt and a Disco Sucks bumper sticker. I sold it in 1986 to help finance a new 5.0 Mustang. I have missed that car ever since. I found a trashed 1978 last May and have been working on it . Since next August (2005) will be the 30th anniversary of buying my first Buick, I am working hard to have it completed by the summer. So far I have done all the work myself..."

(R) Here's that rough '78 he referred to, looks like it had a landau roof applied originally. 

Two slides of a 1976 from Billings, Montana.  With the tinted windows and black paint, this is a pretty mean looking ride.  The interior of this car was redone, and the motor had only about 10K miles on it at the time this ad was published.  The seller was asking $800.
This super-sharp 1977 hailed out of Owosso, Michigan. 

It's kind of interesting that the Skylark for '75-'79 had the headlights moved inward (like the '68-'74 Nova) but the Nova's lights moved outward for '75-'79, like all the rest of its X-body relatives.

In this side-by-side match-up, you can see the clear difference between the '77 at left and the '78 on the right.  I believe the taillights remained the same for those model years.
(L) One more bit of proof that Buick might have offered a performance-oriented version of the 1976 Skylark.  Anyone with information on this car is encouraged to contact this site at the e-address below...thanks!
(R) Sales ad refugees..."we capture history here at P.V. dot com"!
(L) Not only do the factory sport rims give this '76 a sharp look, but the ad contained some nice detail views of the landau roof trim and the rather clean and classy grille.

(R) A spotless car from Los Angeles, again showing the nice '76 grille to advantage.

(L) 77s in all flavors...including an S/R version with factory mags in the upper right.  This car had some pretty nasty blistering rust (like you used to see on early Japanese imports, Fords and Chevy Vegas) but it looks good from this angle.

(R) A surprising number of American X-bodies reside in Turkey.  This shot may have been from an Otospor (Autosport) site.

These superb shots are from our Norwegian correspondent Jon Venstad ( jonvenstad@bluezone.no ) who reports on his 2004 season at the track.  He's also working on a website of his own, and we'll post a link when he says it's ready to go.  Heeeere's Jon...

"I have some news about the 2004 race season ...I achieved 12.6 seconds on the ¼ mile with this setup, and hungry for more I adjusted the supercharger up 25%.

"The engine then blew up in mid-race with a big bang… 3 pistons went to pieces.  I saved the engine block though, but had to go for a 0.30 rebore. Now, I got really interested in making this thing better, so it is now with forged TRW pistons with 8.7:1 compression, even higher supercharger setup with about 8psi boost, and a new carburetor, special Holley for supercharger setups.

"Also , it has a new Crane cam , new Crane “gold” 1:6 roller rockers and a lot of more goodies . Of course everything is balanced afterwards. Blueprinted everything too. I now expect next season to be in the 11’s. Could it then be the world’s fastest Original chassis Buck Skylark with a 350 small block?  This can be interesting, indeed.

"Results in 2004 with this Car : 1st place in Norwegian Drag Racing Cup (Bracket class.) 3rd place in Norwegian Masters Championship ( Bracket ). The result in the Masters was due to the engine failure and I could not be in the last race this season."

I'm really happy with how the 'American Iron' captions turned out...coupled with Jon's great photos, these look like car calendar pictures...Ro

Update: Jon has his own site ready for you now, you can find it at  www.jv-racing.com

I thought we had another European drag strip Terror on our hands, but Simon Benesch ( cmon.benesch@chello.at ) from Vienna, Austria assures us:

"My Skylark isn't a race car at all! I only designed it as a look a like : ) because I like that kind of styling very much. It has the 260 cu.in.Olds-V8, TH 200, k+n air filter, and I installed a double exhaust with a Dynomax Ultraflow SS muffler (good,deep v8 sound)---so it's not a tire burner.
It came 1980 from New York City to Vienna, and I bought it in 2002 from the first owner!  The interior is black and like new.  Maybe I will install a bigger engine but meanwhile the original is like new too, so I am very happy with it and I can use it as a daily driver."
   Simon would be very happy if someone could hook him up with replacement rear bumper fillers (left right and center), so drop him a line if you can help.  These should be interchangeable for all 1975-1979 X-bodies.

Rarely without a camera, I capture another live X-body in the parking lot of a local supermarket.  This one is a little worse for wear, but seems pretty much intact.

Here's Edgar Hernandez's '75 Skylark as it used to be, and partway thru the restoration process, apparently in grey primer.  Hard to believe it's the same car as the blazing blue beauty you see below!
Edgar ( sonido4reyes@peoplepc.com ) sent so many photos I had a hard time choosing, or figuring out the right sequence, so hopefully these shots convey the amount of work he and his body shop put into the car.  Nice job! 
Check out the radiant blue paint...a nice choice of color for this body style!
Blue accents in the interior are pretty cool.  This car has come a long way. He and his crew have created something to be proud of.
(L) Someone put their creativity to work in designing a new look for this '76 Skylark. Stripped of excessive chrome, it's starting to look like a respectable sports coupe.  Are those air intakes next to the headlights?  It would be nice to hear a bit more about this car (contact the e-mail address below).

(R) This is about as bone-stock as they come (and there's probably one in a garage near you).  It seems as if an above-average number of Buicks have survived, possibly because their more upscale image encouraged owners to take better care of their investment over the years.  The wheel covers on this car are the originals.

Forward your cool rides to Roland at: pontiacv@pontiacventura.com