1975-1979 Buick Apollo & Skylark    page 1

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 (L) Street shot of what looks like a '75 Apollo.  A babe magnet for sure.


 (L) Ad copy of a trim-looking '75

 (R) * Promo photo of a '75; pictures marked with * are from http://buick7676.freeyellow.com/gs007.htm Many more Skylark photos can be found there if you can handle the pop-ups. Production figures are also available at that site.

 (L) * Promo for the '75 Skylark, marketed as a European-influenced car.  

 (R) * Another ad photo of the '75 in another upscale setting

 (L) * Plush interior. I've seen folks sink lots of dough into Skylarks; maybe this is why!
 (R) * Great shots of a '76 "GS400".  Did such a creature really exist???
 * More of the '76 "GS" vehicles.  They DO have a blacked-out grille like the example above.
 (L) * Keeping the European image alive, this '76 is set in the Burgundy wine country.  Or maybe it's California!  The grille has gotten pretty intricate.

 (R) A small collection of '76s compiled from the auto ads

 * More 1977 ad campaign shots 


 2 views of a 4-door '77 in the Midwest
 A real fire-breather, great custom treatment.  Get all the details on Ken's car at www.cardomain.com    More photos, too.
 Someone's built up a monster Skylark in Nebraska.  I have the tech details hiding on the computer somewhere, will post them when I find them.
 Street shots of some nicely-maintained '78 Skylarks.    The red car is very clean, must've been garaged somewhere for a long time!
 (L) * Promo picture of a '78 with the sport package  

 But it really looks like all the springs have busted  :-p 

   (L) * Full-size dealer postcard for an elegant '79.  Looks like the nice sport rims were available 75-79.

 (R) * '79 ad photo  

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