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From Norway, if you can believe it! Say hello to a screaming '79 Skylark 4-door from Jon Venstad ( jonvenstad@bluezone.no )

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 Jon writes:  "I am in Norway, and I am racing my 1979 Buick Skylark 4 door Custom sedan on the strip here. Been racing this car for over 10 years now , it is time for another upgrade. At present time I got a ZZ4 engine in it , with  modified3 50 trans and a 10-bolt rear end with race diff. and 3.76. Runs fine , and make those jaws drop all the time, hehe.

"Now, I have bought myself a Weiand supercharger, and with about 5  PSI boost this should give me some extra power. Major concern was the high compression in this engine, but with the  fuel we have here in Norway it should work fine after some timing adjustments. We have 98 octane pump gas still available heh !  (and  I can get 112 octane if necessary)

"Last year I achieved 13.8 seconds  with the old setup (everything under the hood ) on a quite cold day with lots of humidity in the air. The car is as you can see , mostly original , so it is kind of heavy. If I used fiberglass parts instead ( bumpers and so on) it would probably be able to run low 12's I think. (3.73 rear end , with the differential lockup, all race stuff ...) What time will I get now with the supercharger ?  I am not expecting radical changes , but I hope for low 13's .We are running 1/4 mile here in Norway too . We use mainly US rules for everything in drag racing , except some of the race classes are different , but we do have Super street , Super gas ,  Pro Stock , Top Methanol and Top Fuel and the Outlaw class. It is about 3 tracks in Norway where we can run all classes (old airfields , one of them is converted to race only and it is an old WW2 bomber strip. The concrete under the asphalt is so thick they can't get it demolished hehe) I am using my car in Bracket racing , and therefore there are some tracks where we use the 1/8 mile too. What we see here is that bracket racing gets more and more popular, and we have bracket classes down to 7.5 seconds on the strip ( 1/4 mile) which is fast....  Regards, Jon Venstad"

(L)These cars are few and far between, and were only available in the 4-door variety...ladies and gentlemen, observe the sad demise of the Buick Apollo, seen here in its 1975 version.

(R) Trick mirrored rear-view mirror shot of a Skylark I passed on the freeway.  Taking photos like this on the fly is NOT recommended, trust me! I have a sneaking suspicion this is actually a '79, but it's not too great of a shot.

Oct04 update! Fortunately, the person who provided these photos, Darryl Saundry ( darrylis@shaw.ca ) got back in touch with PV dotcom and tells us more about this beautiful Buick: 
"Hi: (this is) my son Brad's Buick...He is 18 and has worked very hard on his car {so have I} and he continues to work on it...it has a stock 350 4 barrel but goes pretty good....his next project will probably be motor and trans tweaking.... the body work is pretty much done.....He bought and paid for just about everything with his own money from his part time job at a fish and chip restaurant while he finished high school...pretty dedicated to his first car eh?? I am really proud of him...it's a fun car to drive...turns heads..."
Can anyone with a Buick brochure tell us what "S/R" stood for, if anything? -Roland ("Sport/Rally" seems to be everyone's vote)
Don Seributra notifies us of this bizarre piece of automotive art.  There seems to be a 1975 Apollo hiding under the simulated goo.  Obviously, they weren't too concerned about denting the hood in photo 2 as the car rolls past the judge's stand.
(L) A sharp 1978 Skylark, out of Rogue River, Oregon

(R) Spotted in Seattle in a parking lot.  Very little rust, but a few dings.

This vehicle was parked along a strip where people park their cars to be sold.  Snapped a whole bunch of pics before I noticed there was no for sale sign...oh well!  You can see the infamous landau roof doing its water- entrapment routine, causing rust-out below the rear window.
(L) I bought a stack of late 80s/mid 90s car magazines at a garage sale, and while leafing thru them, this X-body in a Summit ad caught my eye.

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