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We can thank Dalton Mick ( ventura_350p@hotmail.com ) for these great shots, kicking off this installment of NEW RIDES!

"The yellow is a stock 74 SPRINT photographed at Hot Wheels "Need for Speed" event in Speed, Kansas.  It was the only other Ventura there besides mine.  It was all original with new paint (I believe), it had the stock 350 in it still.

"The blue Ventura is a 74, that is from Great Bend Kansas.  The picture was taken at the famous SRCA dragstrip there in Great Bend.  Not for sure much about it, other than its a hatchback and is a strong competitor in its class."

'74 No More...

If you're a Hot Rod Magazine subscriber, you probably saw the recent feature spread on a horrific (but thankfully not fatal) crash of Eddie Timal's awesome twin-turbo 7-second '74 Ventura.  Here is a link to the video of the crash.
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z67xpO-SWM&mode=related&search=  If for some reason the link doesn't work just do a search for Eddie Timal on youtube.com. The car absolutely disintegrates.  I hope he took his roll cage fabricator out for a free beer or two!  Contributor Rico found some great 'before' shots of his car at  http://autoworxperformance.com/projects-1.htm where the car is mistakenly identified as a "1975 GTO".


"...what's in your neighborhood?"

"My son and I were looking for something a little older that we could work on together for his first car. We weren't looking for a 1974 Ventura, but look what we stumbled into. It belonged to a little old lady named Imogene in Oklahoma and had been parked in the garage since the early 80's. Original paint (except for the top), with a 350 that was leaking oil out of very hole.
We've pulled the engine and are awaiting the return of our block and heads from the machine shop.

"My son was able to drive the car a few times on his temporary permit before we knocked her in the head. By the time we get it running this summer he'll be ready to drive. If you could post this on your site he would really love it. I can send more when we get the engine in and the new tires and wheels on it ... Scott & Weston Roberts"
( ScottRoberts@freightliner.com )

(L) The cell-phone original photo turned the car Navajo Orange, but a little help from Photoshop got it a little closer to reality (I hope).  This is Dave Kohlmeier's '74, featured elsewhere in the '74 section in its original Denver Gold.  Check out the unique setup Dave has under the hood!  Hats off to him for doing something different. The L6 does have modest performance potential (BMW has proven that for years with their own 6 bangers) and this could be an option in view of ever-rising gas prices.  Daily driver, anyone?
These 1974 charts were generously forwarded by Bill Dunne of www.74gto.com  Ever wonder what the available colors looked like?  Some of these are hard to see, but they should give you an idea of what was available.  The charts even tell you where the paints were applied on the car.

Your photos will be wildly appreciated by all, just forward them to Roland at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com   (jpgs work best).