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We've been waiting a long time for this... the silver '73 Ventura in action!

You can thank Darwin Morua for his work in providing these video captures from the movie and the special behind-the-scenes feature.  Get his full analysis of the movie in the article WHAT'S UP with "THE SEVEN-UPs"


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Here's a short video excerpt from the "Seven-Ups" sent in by Chris Haggerty--- the surprise ending was a nice touch.  Thanks Chris! (.wmv format, 4.2meg file size)  Seven-Ups video clip



Treasures Hiding on Video Tape (remember VHS tapes?)

Ron Lutz, owner of an awesome '73 Ventura Sprint elsewhere on this site, drops us a line about  another '73 Ventura making a major appearance in a movie: 

"I just received a brand new copy of 'Moving Violation'. Besides the occasional speeded up scenes and some magical body work, this is a great movie for the car chase nuts. Great car stunts throughout and about ten minutes worth of cops chasing a Beige '73 Ventura.

"It starts about 45 minutes into the movie when the leading man finds the '73 in a parking lot with the keys in the ignition. After a failed attempt by the owner, (a lady with a shopping cart) to get the car back, he peels out and the cops start shooting. He crashes the 73 into a telephone pole, backs off and the chase begins. A few seconds later, the dent in the fender is gone.

"One part has the Sheriff car going under a trailer taking the roof clean off. The chase continues until only one cycle cop is left in pursuit. This movie is a typical 70's late night B movie, with a Rambo story line, (the first one and instead of Nam - our hero is from Detroit, even wears a UAW jacket). I like the chase better then the one in the Seven Ups purely for the comical value, plus they're not ripping off the soundtrack from Bullitt, they probably couldn't afford it after they bought all the cars that they wrecked.

"You can find this video on eBay for under 10 bucks. Make sure that the title is Moving Violation, made in 1976; Stephen McHattie, Kay Lenz and Eddie Albert are in it. Ron"  (There's a 1982 driving-school comedy by the same name, so don't order the wrong one!!!)

"...just wanted to let you know you have a great site and if it wasn't for your site I wouldn't have met Luis the owner of the 73 Ventura in Toronto. The car is "mint", only had a single owner... Gonna keep this one stock, too nice to tinker with, hard to find a car like that in Canada in that good of shape. Might put a set of Pontiac rims on it lol and that's about it and maybe dual exhaust :D just kiddin' the Pontiac rims will do- Just wanted to let you know great site and awesome opportunities, thanks alot  TTYL -Mike Adair"