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(L) Now, isn't this car a work of art?  What more can be said?  A terrific job by owner Greg Pittman ( pittmang63@comcast.net ), who took some pains to reproduce the "Sprint" logo decals, since the prior owner didn't get it quite right.  And he adds, "...I am really enjoying this car.  I will never regret buying it, it has been so much fun."

(R) "Hopefully this site will spark the aftermarket industry and let them know there are a lot of Ventura owners that are serious about parts for our cars!"
So writes Chris Hotrum, who owns this scooped '73 Ventura...he continues:

"I've owned her for 18 years. I am currently the 3rd owner and I've had her documented by PHS.  She is an authentic Ventura Custom Sprint Hatchback.  Originally a 'Brewster Green' car, I've repainted her 'Candy Apple' green. The car didn't have the Sprint stripes when I bought it and I've been looking for a set ever since.

"A 1968 Firebird 400 HO resides under the '74 GTO hood and scoop. A Stage 1 cam, Edelbrock dual plane intake, 650 Holley, headers and HEI ignition round out the engine. A 400 Turbo tranny (also from a '68 Bird) and a B&M Quicksilver shifter helps get the power to the rear wheels which are 14"  Rally II's from a '67 Bird. Out back the 10 bolt posi has 3.42 gears (she had 4.10's but it's mostly highway driven now). 2.5" stainless steel exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers let unsuspecting Ford drivers know she's no 6 banger!  The paint is 15 years old and it still looks awesome. Really enjoy this site and the nice cars!! Keep up the great work, PONTIACS RULE!!!!!!!!! Chris (twinsncars@msn.com )"

Probably the last car I'd expect to undergo restoration, but here are some amazing new Canadian developments as reported by Al Pipher ( pipher1@rogers.com  ):

"I have my car in for a full restoration. Frame out and soda blasted the entire car. Upgrading the interior, but staying original. The motor is being rebuilt, should be producing around 380-400 hp...still staying with the original motor. The color of the car will be the same. 

"The guy who is doing the build is very impressed with the car. He could not believe that the car was a Canadian Car. There is no rust anywhere!  Thank God for Zeibart and oil spray. This is what saved the car. After they soda blasted, oil would seep out of little pinholes.  All the engine components and front fender wells have been blasted and repainted black. They look  new once again. All the new body mounts have arrived. The engine has now been rebuilt. The engine will be painted the same color as the car.  All new glass will be installed.  

"... I can now reproduce the stripe to the '73 Sprint.  I have made a deal with a local graphics company who made a copy of my  decal. It is printed on the clear like the factory decal.  If other '73 owners are interested, I can talk with them about their color  choice and price.  We have (also) sent a profile of the original seal away to see if they can reproduce it. If we can I will be sure to make others aware."

 The '73 version of the "Sprint" ad campaign, also in postcard format.

 Note that the cool '74 nose has made its first appearance.

 A real beaut from Missouri! Note the aftermarket shaker...and that's a 400 under there.  A nice set of pics overall, and great choice of location, too.
  "By the way, these are my trucks"
  (L) This bright yellow car is a work in progress, but the sheet metal is all straight and she runs. Owner William Trafton ( willey878@hotmail.com ) reports: 
"It's got an Oldsmobile 350 Rocket in it,  I just ordered a new Edelbrock Performer intake and a 670 Holley Street Avenger carb...I just got the car, so I'm not exactly sure what all is in it yet because it's too cold to work on it right now..."

 (R) 'A new collage', which elicited this great letter from a site visitor:
"I owned a '73 Ventura from 1977 to 1980. I found 'mine' in your archives under 1973 Ventura, page 1, "a new collage," bottom right hand, olive green w/ black vinyl top. Mine was exactly like that. I would love to know where that photo was taken and who owns it, because I'd probably trade my house for it.

"Sold it in '80 'cause I couldn't afford to put gas in it anymore.  Sold it for $500, because 'nobody wants a V-8 anymore'...Until a while ago, I was still dreaming of the car, I missed it so much.  Two years ago I got an '04 Mach 1. The car rocks......but I still miss my 1st love.

Great website.  Thanks for the memories.  Eric"

 (L) A somewhat weathered car...and some wiseguy's slapped on a "GTO" logo! UPDATE 5-23-03: The new owner has contacted this site and hopes to keep us posted on his planned changes.  He tells me the car used to have a vinyl top, accounting for the rough appearance.

 (R) Left behind in Arizona by evicted tenant.  Notice all-original wheel covers!

 (L) My first car...on loan to my brother in Texas, with a thunderstorm on the way.  See more pics in the "Personal Fleet" section.

 (R) The end of my car...a truck rounding a corner lost its load.  Damage was only cosmetic but it broke my heart, so I sold it.

 Some machinery out of St. Louis.  Sprint nose and add-on hood bulge makes for an interesting profile.
 From this angle, hood looks a bit crude.  Check out those leather seats!  Motor is a Chevy 350.
 (L) A Washington State Wonder (but NOT a "1970")

 (R) I'm not too crazy about this paint scheme...or maybe it's the whitewall tires...?

  From Pennsylvania.  "I wish I was a GTO"