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 A nice series of shots donated by Chris Haggerty.  The Coca-Cola license tab is a great match for his color combo!  "Some information about my car is that it has 97,000 miles on it, it runs excellent, it has all original components inside and out (radio, engine, hubcaps, etc.), and it has a Pontiac 350 Big Block Engine." fishmaster79@yahoo.com  Chris also painstakingly typed up the specs on the '73 Ventura, look for them to be added to a future technical file I'm working on.
He got the car from his grandad, who repainted the body and the motor at some point.  It's Porshe Red!
 (L) Retro-style illustration from Ted Nasmith.

 (R) Here's an oldie out of my files, about all I remember is that this car was located in Oregon.  Exhibits the common taillight rust-out problem.  I was actually able to fix this pretty easily on my former car using fiberglass, and the repair held up well.

 (L) We've really hit the jackpot with Sprint models this time around.  At left is a car being parted out (what a shame!) on the Performance Years website.

 (R) These pictures are almost too painful to bear...fellow mid-westerners will know what I mean!  "Rust Never Sleeps" The ad copy told an even sadder story.  Oh well... my memory was right...I DID remember seeing the Sprint logo on the rear deck!  And yes, that is a Buick Apollo passenger front quarter!  Update 8-22-03 New owner Dale Stanley from Texas contacted us; we'll bring you the fate of this car a bit further down the road...stay tuned! -Ro

  (L) Nice outside, not so nice inside, this was an e-bay offering in June 2003.  Perhaps ripping off the dash pad improves ventilation?  It gets hot down there in North Carolina!

(R) Pictures of this car were copyrighted, so click on the picture to be taken to http://www.conceptcarz.com/folder/vehicle.asp?car_id=7066   Hint: Netscape doesn't seem to work.  UPDATE 1-9-04: Owner Greg Pittman sprintfrk73@aol.com made contact with us and wanted to point out that the vehicle specs at that site do NOT apply to his car!  He also notes that the "sprint" lettering is not quite accurate, but the stripes are close.  He's made some improvements to the car and promises some fresh photos in the spring of '04.  I can hardly wait! -Ro

  This 4-door out of Rhode Island is in pretty decent shape for an eastern car.  Updated 8-22-03.  As promised, here are the details from the original sales ad:

"This has been our second vehicle, but we just moved into our first house and need to get a pick-up to help with repairs. Three vehicles is just too much to think about, so I've regretfully decided to sell her...

"I am the second owner; I bought it in September of 1998 from Fiore Pontiac in West Warwick, RI. They had taken it as a trade-in from the original owner whose name (Doris!) is the only other name on the title besides mine. This is the used car that really *did* spend most of its life in the hands of an elderly woman! I have the original Title Certificate (which has only her name and mine on it) as well as the Odometer Disclosure Statement from the dealer that shows that it had only 73,914 miles on it when I bought it. It presently has about 82,400 miles on it. (That's an average of less than 3,000 miles a year!)"

 Two views of Caryl Lange's ( harley68@bigfoot.com ) '73 Ventura.  Caryl writes:  "Roland, attached are photos of my 1973 Pontiac Ventura Custom. Stock (350 with A/C) engine. Original paint was brown with orange pinstripe, changed to black. I am the second owner, since 1983. 
It was nice to find the site so I don't feel I'm the only the only one out there! You will also be pleased to know that my new truck sits outside while the Ventura gets the garage : )   "     Way to go!
The images at left were pulled from a now-defunct Russian site.  Who would have expected a Russian Pontiac site?  Who else would be crazy enough to find it? 

The site claimed copyright on some images, but since many of them appear to be GM promotional images, they should be public domain.  There were other '73 images on that site, including one showing the camper option!  When I find it, I'll post it.