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 Two advertisements from the 1973 model year
 (L) The elusive, mysterious Omega "S" ("Sport?) The "S" logo has been stylized somewhat on this beautiful vehicle.

 (R) This 1974 ad mentions the "S" option as well.  

Tom James ( oldsomega73@hotmail.com ) owns this nice restoration.  I had to compliment him on this particular shade of green, to which he replied: 
"My wife gets the credit for selecting the color---way back in 1973.  I ordered this car in November of 72, it was the first new car that Sue and I purchased as a 'WE'. The original plan was to run the car for several years and either trade it or sell it. One thing led to another and the car just hung around, first in several different garages and then for six years in a limestone mine. In 95 my son suggested I get it back on the road... In 2000 I decided to do a sub-frame off restoration. The lacquer was replaced with base coat / clear coat in the original GM #42 Emerald Green. Except for the hand striping, true dual exhaust, cam, carb, and rear-end gears....it's as it was that cold day in January of 1973 when I picked it up at the dealers'.

"The wife and I cruise the heck out of it...we put 2000 miles on it in '02.  The car is going to be featured in the February issue of the Driving Force, a monthly SEMA publication. I believe it is available on line.  I also want to promote the local Olds club I belong to, the Allegheny Rockets and our spring car show. Here's the web address http://members.yellowbananas.com/mwauto/mw/alleghenyrockets/index.htm I also belong to two other car clubs......the Pittsburgh C.A.R.S http://clubs.hemmings.com/frameset.cfm?club=pittsburghcars & the Cruzin' Few.http://www.geocities.com/cruzinfew/ "

 Multiple views of a citrus-colored Florida '73
 Nice front plate: "FEAR THIS".   New shifter, extra instruments on the dash.
 (L) 1973 Omega toy car, available from the dealer

 (R) Dealer toy after taking a corner too fast

  1974 estate sale special from Maryland.
 (L) Home-made collage of a '73 car from Pennsylvania

 (R) Yet another red car, a '74 still owned by Doug, webmaster of the   www.oldsmobileomega.com website.  The spoiler is cool. 

Dan Roy provided this green '73 out of Ohio
 (L) The nose of an Omega S is on display in the car ad on our GTO page3.  

 (R) Collage of a Texas-based '74

A California '73, sold!


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 Your Omega pics welcomed with open arms at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com !  Details about the "S" option would be appreciated as well.