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 This car on traderonline.com was too nice to pass up.  Looks very clean and straight.  Oct04 update: This vehicle is owned by Jeff ( jadashiell@aol.com ) who writes:
"....I went to a dream cruise looking for others, didn't see one.  Still has 250 but have a 1970 Olds 350 to put in; I'm also looking for any restoration companies and some bucket seats. Is this the only one in Oakland County, Michigan?  Thank you for keeping my car on your site"
 Things under the hood look pretty clean, and even the under-hood lamp still works!
 (L) A few shots from a long-dormant website...capturing them here for posterity, just in case the original site goes away.

 (R) A site visitor bought this nice '73 in the spring of 2003 for a mere $725.  He reports it used to be gold, and he's slowly fixing it up.  Power is provided by a 250 straight 6. 

 A really sharp 1973 Olds out of Boonton, New York.
 This was an e-bay offering in June '03
 A beautiful '73 (correction, this is a '74, as you can tell by the bumpers...!) that came up on e-bay in 2003 out of Doylestown, Ohio.  This car's got a floor shift console setup--- we haven't seen that before on an Omega.  It also carries a sweet Olds sport steering wheel.  Nice! Hard to believe this car originated from the center of the "rust belt", maybe it was from out of state???
 Something really unusual for you, an Omega drag car, image generously donated by Eric Bracken.  See his late-model Omegas elsewhere on the site. NOV06 update, the car's owners check in:
"Hi, I was browsing the Omega website when, wow, there was a picture of our car! It's the 73 Omega hatchback drag car (purple, of course!!). That's a great photo you took, and we're really glad that our car and all the hours of work we've piled into it actually impressed you to take the photo. The car is now running a BBC 502, running 9.90's in the 1/4 mile. Thanks again, The Snowdens West Farmington, OH ( Snowdenwst7@aol.com )"
    Our thanks to the mystery photographer, and the Snowdens for telling us about their machine! -Ro
 Another big surprise, I saw this Omega S parked in front of a junkyard and snapped these shots with my toy digital camera before the battery died.  I'm still trying to track down the owner, hoping he (or she) would be open to do a photo shoot so we can document what made the 'S' model special.  This vehicle looked very much intact.

Derek Shadrick ( shad88@hotmail.com ) has a cool plan for this silver Olds..."Here are a few pix of my $300 73 Omega project. The car is in better shape than it looks. I had been looking for a solid Ventura locally, but was unable to find one. I figured the price was right for the Omega, so I grabbed it. It needed a passenger fender and header panel.

"Since I couldn't find a Ventura I would build my own. I placed an ad locally looking for a Ventura nose or parts. I lucked out and found someone with a complete and rust free 73 Ventura front clip which will be put on in the spring.

"The interior of the car took in water from a broken window. The carpet was soaked and the floors had began to rust, but not too bad. There was mold everywhere, but other than the headliner and seats, the rest of the interior cleaned up nicely and will be reused. The 6 cyl. and automatic however will not be reused. I'm just leaving them in so I can move it around. It will eventually have a V8 and manual tranny. I'll keep you updated as it progresses. Thanks, Derek"

From Fort Wayne, Indiana.  In the words of the seller:

"This rare car is a 1973 Oldsmobile Omega straight from Oregon. The car has just over 40,000 original and documented miles. I have the original bill of sale from 1973 for $3073.00. I purchased the car from the original owner in Oregon who was literally "a little old lady." The engine was upgraded to a 350 4-barrel when she ordered the vehicle. There is a new water pump and four brand new BFGoodrich tires. The only other option not original is the gauge cluster in the dash. This car features the rare hounds-tooth interior with black leather trim and bench seats. And it's a hatchback, which makes it even harder to find. The car still has the original space saver spare tire that has never been used! Original paint, faded in places. 8 cylinder Rocket engine."

 Great view of the spare tire compartment.  (My former '73 Ventura even had the original inflation bottle in there! And after it rained, you could use it as a wash basin...ha-ha  -Ro)

 A selection of '73s that are (with one exception) wearing their standard factory wheel covers.