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  A nice '74 from Ohio, tastefully customized.  At $3495, a pretty sweet deal.
 (L) Apollo collage #1

 (R) Promo shot from 1974

 (L) Top: Zoomed-in view of the '74 ad that also featured the car's cousins (see  GTO page3 for full ad).  Too bad Buick did not feature the GSX (nor Chevy the Nova SS) to line up with the GTO and Omega S.  That would have been a really memorable ad! 

 (L) Bottom: zoom-in of another '74 ad

 (R) !974 Apollo ad.  

 (L) A stately 4-door out of Rhode Island, looking mighty original 

 (R) Another 4-door in action, caught by Roland's "Toy Cam"  This one has the handy "detachable door trim" option.


One of two awesome green cars owned by Parrish V. Lewis ( camaro808@yahoo.com ) who writes:

"Hi, I love this site. I have a 75 Olds F-85 and a 73 Buick Apollo.

"Two days ago, (Feb2006) I bought my Buick Apollo off of ebay. I ended up winning it for $1700. It has the 350 2bbl with the three speed trans and 60,000 miles. This car runs wonderfully. Pretty soon I will be taking pictures of the cars together and I will send them to you for the site if you would like. Thank you!"  

Thanks for the great photos, Parrish, especially the 'desert shot' of the Apollo!  I believe this car was auctioned off from a storage facility.  Pay that rent or lose your ride!!!

(L) A sweet find...!  "This is my 74 Buick Apollo (my second one... my first car was a 73 Apollo).  I found this one and couldn't pass it up. 64,000 on the clock, no rust.  It does needs a little body work but it will be mint very soon. I have done some little mods to it like a B&M kit shift, some glasspack mufflers for that old school sound, 3.42 rearend gears and I swapped the two barrel for a mid rise four barrel w/ a Holley 650. I love this car!"  Alfred Prince ( alfredprincejr@yahoo.com )
A '74 California car, repainted in almost - original color
 (L) Collection of views of a nice '73, maybe somewhere in the Carolinas by the looks of the neighborhood?

 (R) This is a '74, offered on e-bay early in 2003 from Ontario, Oregon.  Nice!

Somehow, they stuffed a 455 in there!