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Very nice intact example of a '73 from Syracuse, Utah.  The pinstriping treatment is interesting, with triple lines on the lower panels
 (L) This primer-black '74 was offered for sale several times.  LOTS of money invested under the hood!  From Kansas City, Missouri.

 (R) Here's a California '74 that was being sold off by a towing company...somebody lost a car with potential!

 A father & son team picked up this low-mileage 4-door from an older gentleman in New Jersey.  They're hoping to pretty it up under the hood like the black Missouri car above.
A nose job is needed, but I believe the engine bay is undamaged.
 A very low-mile (70K) '73 Apollo from the Waco, Texas area.  Some effort has been expended under the hood on the 350, otherwise the car looks stock.  Only 5000 miles on the rebuilt motor.
 Front grille has the characteristic warpage on the lower left side, but not the right.  Nice nose view anyway!  Let's hope this car ended up in good hands.  It was an e-bay offering from May 2003.
 (L) A small collection of '73s.  Just to give you some idea what color to paint your Buick...or how it would look wearing those particular rims...

 (R) Ditto the above!

 (L) The guy selling this car had a heck of a time taking photos of it, but here are a few that show the car in its entirety.  The paint was actually quite nice and the car was very straight.

 (R) You can't find cars like this in Ohio...this one migrated from California.  The sales ad read: "...probably the cleanest, most original 1974 Buick Apollo you will find today! This car is a true survivor. Car was purchased new in Burlingame, California in 1974 and remained there until March of 2003. Car runs and drives well, interior is in good condition overall with the exception of dirty carpet and a few splits in the seat seams. This car is 100% rust-free and still has 95% original paint. all glass is good, chrome still shines, etc.. Car has less dings, dents and scratches than you would expect from a 29 year old car. This car would make a nice driver the way it is with a little cleaning up, or would make the ultimate Buick performance project!"

 Now this is really something, from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They pulled this baby out of the weeds (it appears in a collage on Apollo page 1) and got her all shined up.  Looks like the engine compartment has been naturally sandblasted.  I really like the simplified carburetion set-up, too.  On the plus side, the car does have dual sport mirrors.  And an Oldsmobile (?) rim.  If you bought this car, you'll have quite a restoration story to tell.  I actually love cars like this, all the pieces are there.  Let us hear from you, Mystery Buyer!