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No trailer queens, no imposters...just TORQUE and NOISE and X-BODY METAL in MOTION!

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Dan Wilson ( ) owns this awesome '74 Apollo... he also owns the green beauty that we wondered about, way back on page 2 of our Apollo section.  He's got collector plates on that one now and it spends its days going to car shows.  We all love a happy ending! Dan drops a short note:

"This is my '74 350 Buick stock class car at Indy 2005.
Best 11.66 at 110mph 1/4
Best   7.27 at 96mph 1/8"        

(How does he get the front in the air with a 350, I asked -Ro)

"All motor. All stock parts. Qjet, stock heads, stock intake. Stock pistons. Stock lift hydraulic lifter cam. All within NHRA rules. 4.56 gear. Lots of years of money and hard work. Plus help from a few good friends with something under the helmet. Dan"

Johnny James ( ) shows us how it's done.  These photos were taken at Summerduck Drag Way in Virginia.

Lots more high-quality pics at the lediardfoto site, including other US cars (and even some bikes)racing in Norway!

Dedicated racer/wrencher Jon Venstad just made another breakthrough!

"Hi Roland , first race in 2007 is over , got a 4th qualifier place and then a quarterfinal place in the competition, out of 22 light ended my race. (0.03 seconds too fast LOL)  LOWER RIGHT PHOTO !

"Wheelie in my Buick Skylark is my first ever, remember this car has the original weight (!) with all chassis and bumpers intact ! Only extra is "slide-a-link" kit on rear axle + the 4.10 ratio. The engine now sounds like a masterpiece , and I still have not hooked up the "superchiller" intercooler system. There is still more HP hidden in this baby.

"Time ? well it went 12.20 on the quarter mile, and I expect to see high 11's with the superchiller running , making this the fastest original Buick in Europe. It even runs smoothly and nice on idle , and goes 7000 rpm all day. ( oh well it needs race fuel, Sunoco GT)

"So - the problems I had last season , apparently was because of the carburetor , a Holley was too small ! I now have a "Proform" 850 race carburetor , and I can really recommend this! Best regards; Jon Venstad, Norway"


Do you have any drag racing action shots you'd like to share? 
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