At The Track...
No trailer queens, no imposters...just TORQUE and NOISE and X-BODY METAL in MOTION!


One look will tell you this car is seriously fast...owner Eddie Timal ( ) writes:  "Here are some pics of my outlaw 10.5" championship winning car. Best time to date is 7.56 @ 190 mph"   We'd all love to see more action shots like this, just super!

Kristy Kerzan contributed this shot of a '74 Ventura at the strip.

Bill Martin (aka "Dr. O") was kind enough to share some shots of his 77 Oldsmobile Omega SX.  He notes "Here are some photos of my car and was wondering if you would add them to your listing! Thanks. Will be adding an 8 point cage to continue running at the track."  ( )

Seems like he's got plenty of torque, huh!
Warming up the tires before the next run is Norway's Jon Venstad with his '79 Skylark 4-door.  See the Buick section for more photos of Jon's ride.

Rich Vie in his gold-colored GTO takes on a gal in her green GTO...who won?

The innocuous-looking car in the 1972 section p3 grew some hair on its chest.  The car's owner e-mailed us:
Just found your site. It is awesome. Thought I'd send you some shots of my '72.

I found it in the junkyard in the early 1990's. It was filled with junk (eg. an engine in the trunk and scrap steel in the interior) and ready to be crushed. I was looking for a race car and I liked the style of the Pontiac. It was sunk down to the undercarriage in the snow and mud. The body was rough but I noticed a Valvoline "Oilguard" sticker in the front vent window. So we pulled it out of the mud with a tractor and the frame was in good shape.  I actually got the car for $40 (Canadian) and off to work we went. It was dubbed the "Ace Ventura" around the time the movie came out.

Out came the original straight six, the bench seat, etc. In went a stock 350 Chevy 4 barrel with open headers; bucket seat laying around the junkyard; and a set of 4:11gears. We added new rear quarters and rockers; and for less than two grand we actually got it to run 14.25 @ 90 mph. I had my race car. It was different than everyone else and attracted attention right away.

After some further upgrades to the engine(cam, intake), a 2800 stall converter, 4:56 gears, and slicks; it ran 13.25 @ 99mph.  Presently it has a 383c.i. Chevy with a Lunati Cam, 11.5:1 compression, Super Victor intake, and Barry Grant Carb. Still shifted by a powerglide with Coan 8"converter. Car weighs 2800lbs. Cowl hood is glass by VFN. Best ET to date is 10.86 @ 121mph.

There are not too many Venturas around here; but we are gaining in numbers. Of course I get alot of comments like; "Nice Nova" or "Nice Acadian"; but that's OK.
Hope you enjoy the pics. Thanks for keeping such a cool website.  Sincerely; Jim Thibert, Tilbury, Ontario. Canada ( )
(L) Friend Rico contributed both of these images of  Joel O' Donnell's 8 second nitrous Ventura.  He's seen this car in person out on the East coast.  Is this car still being raced?
Another shot courtesy of Rico, this is Rock&Roll Engineering's '72, billed as the "World's Fastest".  The color shot is from Bruce Fulper's R&R Engineering site at .
Both of these photos are courtesy of my pal Jeremy. More great shots of the white-hot '72 are at !  Including burnouts!
Mike Messer still owns his beautiful blue '73 Ventura, and it doesn't just sit around looking pretty!  (More shots of this car are in the '73 section.)
"... Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while but your site still rocks, so here are a couple of burnout shots for your drag race section... By the way, that is my Ventura with me in the driver's seat.  Every time I do a burnout my wife says all she sees are dollar bills flying around.  I don't understand why ( ha ha )"
(L) Another car for sale in June '03 out of Westchester, Pennsylvania.  This is a '73 with the Sprint nose.  Details from the ad: "73 Pontiac Ventura....SET UP FOR A PONTIAC MOTOR...consistently good heavy bracket car...12 bolt rear with 488 spool...400 turbo 8"converter (new) by Trans Specialties...Hurst quarter shifter...Monster tach with shift light...6 point roll cage...MSD ignition...5 gallon cell...Holley fuel pump...half inch fuel line...Center front wheels...Moroso tires on front...Cragar rear wheels...MT slicks...winner of 94' and 96' Performance Pontiac at Island Dragway...this car was featured in May 1994 Pontiac Performance Magazine...CAR OWNED BY ROMOLO FORCINO - 40 YEARS OF DRAG RACING EXPERIENCE"

(R)   This torque-generating ride is operated by Rude Awakening Racing.

Michael Horst's shiny '73.  Looks like this car has a shaker scoop.

More photos from   Apparently, Bruce is not the actual owner of the vehicle, but it was loaned to him for engine development.

These images of a '74 GTO were rescued from
Scott Baggiore ( ) puts the pedal to the metal in this set of shots taken by his daughters.  His car is a '73, but he intends to turn it into a '74 GTO clone.

Here's a '74 flying down the drag strip. "Ran 11.74 in the quarter."  This car was (is?) operated by an outfit called Spencer Motorsports.  Any news on the fate of this car? 

(R) Don't know about the Hugger Orange '77, but at least one of these cars made it to the strip!

From far-off Turkey, here is owner-driver Ali Kurinel himself posing with his car.  These 'young Turks' seem to love American iron. Looks like he changed his induction method between the time these photos were taken, probably having started with the reversed shaker scoop.  More Turkish action can be found at 
Israel "Izzy" Gonzalez ( ) contributed this vintage shot from Great Lakes Dragway in Wisconsin.  The good news is, he still owns the car:  "Here is a picture of my 1973 Oldsmobile Omega. Has a 350 Rocket, Edlebrock Performer RPM intake, MSD 6AL ignition Box, Hooker Headers, Holley 770 Street Avenger Carb, Mallory ignition distributor, posi rear-end with 4.11 gears and a turbo 400 tranny. Is quite the burn-out machine! Also has the heads ported and polished to the max, and a cam to match."
Check out these very cool action photos sent in by Travis Herrman ( ).  This is a very unusual color, but it's probably original.

"Here are two pics of my 1973 Omega. My car has a Chevy 283 with 202 heads, headers, good intake, a .500-.300 cam. I have a 3000 stall and 4:56 gears. I shift it at 8000 and it runs avg. 13.40s @ 98mph. Best ever 13.10. I have another 1973 Omega in a hatchback. My son and I are fixing it up with rust fix, new orange paint and 455 olds. I know very little about Omegas, need some parts, some info, and things like that. How rare is the hatchback? How many were made? Would like to talk to people that are in the know.  Thank you."

The appropriately-named Runnings family operated this GTO.  Magazine photos, source unknown.
Does anyone know the fate of Ron Miller's red-white-and-blue Goat?  Was it as quick as it looks?

Do you have any drag racing action shots you'd like to share? 
Please forward them to Roland at   Thanks!