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(L) An update from Adrien Tanguay ( tana1954@hotmail.com ) in Montreal, Canada, who put some clean Pontiac Rally II rims on his nice '75.  A great choice of photo location!  Can the Park Police give out tickets for driving on the grass?  ;-)

(R) "You don't ask, you don't get" applies here...Rory ( mrpeabdy1974@yahoo.com ) really wanted a '75 4-door like he used to own, and placed an ad on this site.  Then...

"Thanks to your website I have been united with this vehicle... Thank you very much!  And thank you to Karen who saw my ad and contacted me about her 1975 Pontiac Ventura. If it wasn't for your website I would not have found this car."
These kind of messages make the whole website effort worthwhile! -Ro

Two photos of the "Ace Ventura" show car showing some of the underhood magic, forwarded to this site by '75 owner Scott Keller. Update! This car is owned by Murray Chambers, and the images were taken by Mary at "From the Heart Studios"
John Everett ( johneverett@mac.com ) has salvaged another Ventura from Lanham, Maryland.  It's a close substitute for the '75 hatchback Sprint that he used to own...the smaller pictures are from the original sales ad for the car.  He believes the motor to be a Buick 350, and he's open to any news of performance parts that might be available for this engine.
   Images of the '75 brochure, in case you'd like to know what your money buys you.  (Not shown: cover image, shown elsewhere.) What really caught my attention was the flip-out rear windows, which I'd only seen before on a Nova SS.
(L) X-body X-pert Don Seributra keeps encountering this big-wheeled 4-door around town.  The big photo has a very classic, rustic look to it...all that's missing is a small table, a pair of chairs, and bottle of wine to go with it.  But we are saddened to inform you that the outrageous hood ornament (see page 2) seems to have disappeared.

(R) A sneak peak inside the box of the '75 model kit.

(L) Eliezer Perez ( eliezer@pim4u.com ) brought this cool piece of automotive history to our attention. "It's a design studio picture of the never-made 1975 Pontiac GTO based on the Ventura platform. Please credit: Thomas E Bonsall, 'GTO Resource Guide' , Stony Run Press, (c)1994". 
This car sports the exhaust-splitters first seen on the '74GTO, but still wears the finned wheel covers from an SJ version.  A 'work in progress' for sure.  There is at least one other photo in existence, which shows the rear 3/4 view, a small version of which can be seen on the www.ultimateGTO.com site.

(R) Did you catch this cool story on the stillborn 1975 GTO?  This article has some really interesting info in it, and is continued on 2 more half-pages.  The final death-blow to the concept was the Ventura getting stuck with the Buick 350...which was hard enough to accept in a Pontiac, but would never fly in a GTO!

Images rescued from e-bay...the seller was asking an outrageous price for this rare (but still mostly unknown) vehicle.

The Sprint accent logos and stripes have taken a real pounding; the trunk stripe is completely gone!  The car's finish is finished, huh!

(L) Since the Phoenix did not "rise" until 1977, I elected to stick this (claimed) 1975 concept vehicle with its 1975 Ventura brethren.  Anyone who can provide some background on this interesting car is welcome to contact this site at the address at the bottom of this page.  Thanks!

(R) This red-orange color seemed to be a pretty popular choice in '75. 

Great new poses of Adrien Tanguay's '75 from Montreal. These were so nice, I even removed some powerlines in the background, free of charge :-) Also included is a clever panorama shot of the interior.  By the way, the motor emblem on the front quarter panel is probably a Chevy insignia, for you purists out there.
The brochures issued by GM in Canada were often quite different from the US versions.  Case in point is the 1975 brochure, with all of these terrific scans donated by '75 Ventura owner Adrien Tanguay.
Compared to the US brochure above, the Canadian version is chock-full of big car pictures.
You've never seen such a beautiful picture of the '75 Sprint, have you?!
A concise listing of options can be found on page 8. 

Believe it or not, this site has made good progress on compiling this info into a spreadsheet for the TECHFILE page (under construction).

I've held off publishing these photos for a quite while (the contributor was trying to work a deal to purchase the car) but I guess their time has come.  Due a prior "mailbox meltdown", I can no longer contact the contributor, but perhaps he succeeded in buying the car.  Give me a yell, Ray :-)  This car was a non-runner but seemed a good candidate for restoration.
(L) It's very rare to see a 1975 4-door, so here's one of the few. To the best of my recollection, this car was garaged for about 17 years and had just been brought back to life (2004).  It seems to be a lime-yellow color.

(R) Yours truly had the good fortune to see this nice '75 Custom parked on the street for 2 or 3 consecutive days.  The body seemed to be in very solid shape.  I left a website flyer under the wiper, but haven't heard anything yet from the owner.  No front plate, so you can't get more anonymous than that :-)

If you've got a '75 Ventura that the world should know about, e-mail pics and info to Roland at: pontiacv@pontiacventura.com   If you don't own the car anymore, that's OK too.