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  I had to stick these new photos at the top of the page because this car really floored me.  This beauty belongs to Scott Keller ( Scottekeller@hotmail.com ), and like all projects, it still has some work being done on it.  Not that you can tell!  Check out this custom taillights here.

 Bizarre story on how Scott and this site connected... one evening while websurfing I found the picture of Scott standing by his car (in Collage#2 below).  I immediately e-mailed the site owner to get Scott's contact info.  The SAME NIGHT, Scott discovered pontiacventura.com while looking for parts, contacted ME, and started sending pictures.  Spoo-ky!
 Rarely do we add two engine views, but even though it's a Chev, this thing is so darn pretty, it was irresistable.  Plus, the photos turned out great!  He may have set the X-body bar at a new level with this car. Here's the lowdown:
"It came original with a Buick 350 engine and TH350 transmission.  I custom built a Chevy 350 for it with the following specs:
Standard crank, and rods, SP Hypereutectic Flat top pistons
Crane Energizer 272 duration cam, Crane Aluminum Roller Rockers (1.6) atop Edelbrock E-Tec 170 Aluminum Vortec style heads
Edelbrock Performer RPM air-gap vortec Intake Manifold, Holley 5160 Performance 750 CFM carburetor. (now an Edelbrock 600)
MSD Pro-Billet Aluminum Distributor, 6A box, Blaster 2 coil, and Taylor wires
Headers, 2.5" dual aluminized 2 chamber Flowmaster Exhaust System"
 Red car, green grass...guaranteed to look good! Scott continues: 
"In case you're interested in the history of the car, here goes:
It was bought brand-new from McCord Bros in Federal Way or Seattle (I can't remember) by my grandparents.  They drove it for a few years, my mom learned to drive in it.  When my parents got married, the car was a wedding present to them.  Dad drove it to work for a few years, then decided to repaint it (original buccaneer red). He had the color sprayed, and then we moved across town.  

"The car sat under a blue tarp in the yard for years collecting moisture and ruining the "unsealed" new paint.  We started driving it every now and then to keep the mice from nesting in it, and when I turned 15, they gave it to me to fix up.  I fixed the rust and tore out and cleaned up the interior; drove it to HS even though it was three shades of primer and some original paint.  

"The original Buick 350 2bbl still ran great, but with the stock 160hp it was doggy.  My senior year I traded my 4wheeler for money to buy paint and supplies.  I spent most of the year learning (trial and error) body work and bondo.  The paint my dad put on it needed to be completely removed because it was unsealed, and water damaged.   I had new exhaust put on it after it was painted and drove it for a year before building the chevy 350 that is in it now.  I'll be 22 this month, and have been working on this car for 7 years!  Gee, that's a long time; it should look immaculate by now. I guess it can't since it's a "thrice" daily driver.

"Grandpa passed away last year, but got to see the car all fixed up.  Grandma now lives with my parents and occasionally I take her for a ride in it; she loves it.

"I absolutely love the car, but seem to have difficulty keeping the transmission in working order.  When I built the motor, I had a trans guy build a so called "bullet proof" TH350.  It lasted 2 years, and now I keep breaking the intermediate sprag race. over and over again. Even the "hardened" ones.  Time to buy a whole new tranny!"

 Check out the his-and-hers sunroof treatment.  This is before the custom taillight treatment.

At right, you can see this car's humble beginnings, with a couple of different stripe treatments.

 What could motivate someone to put so much work into a virtually unknown vehicle?  This show car is what fired Scott's imagination, tool kit...and wallet.  This is the second "Ace Ventura" we've seen on this site. (hint: the other one is in the '72 section)  Update! This car is owned by Murray Chambers, and the image was taken by Mary at "From the Heart Studios"...

 With an eye on show, Scott's car has some cool lighting under the hood.

(L) Let's welcome the first couple of shots from a former '75 owner, who is offering a $300 finder's fee if you can find his former car, last known location: Atlanta, Georgia.  He'd also be interested in cloning one, too, so other '75s could be considered.  Contact John Everett at johneverett@mac.com if you can help (April 2004)  We'll bring you the complete story of his car as more of his old photos surface.

 (R) Here's a partial scan from a 1975 brochure showing the paint job on the '75 Sprint.  Hey, it actually DOES say "Sprint" on the front quarter panel!  Rock Ringer provided this one.  Many thanks!

 (L) A selection of '75s for your enjoyment.  The red car is featured above, but looks like it's wearing Buick sport rims here in a photo from 1985.
 (R) A few more images of this new-generation of Ventura.  Seller's tip: If you want to sell your car, at least take the time to inflate the tires.  The poor red car never even had an offer made on it!

 (L) Canada seems to have a remarkable number of Venturas still on the road.  These photos were sent in by Adrien Tanguay, ( tana1954@hotmail.com )who has owned this car for over 20 years.  That floor-shift console is out of a Nova, probably a '74 by the looks of it.

 (R) Another image from the Russian Pontiac site.  Looks like a photo from a GM history book if you ask me. 

 Two "street shots" contributed by Texas X-Body fan Don Seributra.  This is a rather (ahem) unique interpretation of the Ventura.  When was the last time you saw a '75 four door?  Don has his own site at:
 If you like Pontiac literature and press kits of all sorts, you'll love checking out www.mclellansautomotive.com , where I found these nice images.
 (L) The aero-look, somebody's idea of what a '75 Sprint might have looked like.  Egad!  But looks like part of the snout made it onto the '79 Trans Am, huh!

 (R) Here's a '75 Ventura that was for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am not responsible for the creative spelling.  I started fixing it, but gave up...sigh.

If you've got a '75 Ventura that the world should know about, e-mail pics and info to: pontiacv@pontiacventura.com   If you don't own the car anymore, that's OK too.