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 Fellow Ventura-holic Jeremy sent in some nice shots of this caged '72 that he photographed in Nevada.

 Someone's given this car the twin-scoop treatment and put a lot of money into the paint.  Power department looks mighty fine too.  Actual technical details coming soon. (went up for sale again...see new pics and details below!)

 This car may look stock, but there's some excitement lurking under the hood.  Some words from the sales pitch:

"This ultra low option 72 Ventura had the original 350 cu.in. engine replaced with a standard bore 455 cu. in. engine. This car will melt the pavement with ease! Helping the standard 74 455 make more power is a hi-performance cam (smooth idle) 6x heads (rebuilt w/ hardened seats) Edelbrock intake and rebuilt Quadrajet. The stock turbo 350 trans has been serviced and performs perfect behind the big cube engine. Options on this car include, power steering and tinted glass. (that's it). One rear view mirror-no day nite rear view-no molding- no carpet- no unnecessary stuff"

 Bids went as high as $4500 on this sweet ex-North Carolina car.

 The car featured a 350 four barrel, automatic on the column, bench seats, factory air, cruise control, and rally wheels.

 (L) "Just needs a little TLC".  Uh-huh.  The car in the upper left is actually a '71 but no one should complain. 

 (R) J.Thibert ( tthibert1@cogeco.ca ) of Ontario, Canada managed to save this Ventura from the crusher in the nick of time.  The vehicle is now an awesome 10-second drag car.  See more photos and its story in the "At the Track" section!

 An awesome paint job here, the following is an excerpt from the sales pitch: "This Ventura is ready for show, it has a chromed 350, stainless headers and exhaust, chrome rims with new tires, and a $5000 paint job which pictures do not do justice, it's candy red with candy ghostlike flames, with metal flake, one of the best paint jobs we've seen, alot of time, money and care has been put into this car. Its very well maintained, drives very solid and runs excellent!!! $12,995"
Check out the scoops and console.
 (L) A selection of '72s in more fun flavors, all of these photos being from new and old sales ads.  Just doing our part to immortalize the Ventura here :-)  It's also a way to give you some ideas of how a particular paint job might look.

 (R) I stumbled across this local car while flipping through the cardomain site.  The color looks good, wonder if it's original?  Owned by Josh in Gig Harbor, Washington.

 (L) This is really wild!  An AMT model kit with the biggest darn hood scoop you've ever seen...many thanks to Jim "Ike" Pelot for this rarity!

 (R) Engine builder Bruce Fulper runs Rock & Roll Engineering and a  website at  http://www.pontiacpower.com/      He's a real Pontiac diehard who's not afraid to speak his mind, so be sure to check his site for some good reading.  That's where these pictures originally appeared.  The car was on loan from someone else, I hear.

 (L) "Look what we found in the back yard!" Here's a nice head-on of a somewhat worn '72.  Looks kind of odd with only one sport mirror.

 (R) Another grandpa car with under 100K miles sees the light of day again on ebay.  Note that this car is wearing Ventura badges rendered in the script (vs. block letter) style. 

This '72 arrived in the e-mailbox a while ago, but there were no details included.  So all we can do is admire the creative paint job for now.  Thanks for the photo, though! 

Rock Ringer has been out and about in his '72.  He reports that the engine compartment has been cleaned up a bit and is almost ready for the chrome pieces.  He made a special effort to get out in search of some good photo locations.  This is the Salisbury Historical District.

  I especially like the last 2 shots... nice work, Rock!