1972 Pontiac Ventura II                  page 1
For 1972, the Ventura gets a boost in power when a 350 V8 is finally offered as an option.
Externally, the car looks identical to the '71, the only difference being the "Ventura II"
logo is rendered in script, versus the '71's block lettering.  A second sport mirror is also available
for the passenger side.

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(L) Magazine ad for the 1972 Ventura Sprint. It's not clearly visible here, but for '72 the "Sprint" word no longer appeared at the tail end of the side stripe.  (Someday, we'll have a better copy of this ad posted).

(R) A factory promo photo of the Ventura Sprint for 1972.  Note the folded back Skyroof (also available on the Nova) and the "Sprint" script.  I suspect this is an early production vehicle using a '71 decal package, because almost all other '72s we've seen have the Sprint word deleted.  Also note the addition of a passenger side sport mirror, which did not seem to be available for 1971, according to the Pontiac literature.

(L) A fabulous paint job on a nice '72 Ventura that's been modified with a shaker-style hood scoop.

(R) A very, very nice Sprint! Courtesy of Jeremy at the former www.72ventura.com  and owned by Shawn Shay of Washington state.  The Sprint stripe has been given a sleeker, more modern look by making the lower edge a straight line from front to back (the original pattern kinks upward at the rear wheel well and drops down afterward).

Kenny Pierson's fearsome '72 is seen here at various stages of its life.

Fine engineering work abounds...are we looking at port fuel injection here?   

(L) A clean machine,  wearing its original paint? This car belongs to Rico, who also used to own a blue '71 (see that section).

8-22-03: Rico writes "The site seems to coming along pretty good. I'm glad to see the number of Ventura owners seems to be growing.

...I'm kind of doubting my current '72 will (have a Pontiac engine in it), even though that was the original plan. I've been bitten by the twin turbocharger bug and plan to go that route. Since it's originally set up for a SBC 307, and the fact that I plan to run EFI it'll just be easier and more cost effective to go with a SBC350. I've started to acquire various parts, turbochargers, intercooler, TPI setup, new bucket seats, etc. but have quite a ways to go before it'll be done. Right now I'm still finishing the building of my garage, then I can hopefully start on the car. Thanks for featuring my cars on the site and keeping it all going... I'll keep you updated as to my progress but it'll probably be a while before I get it done. Thanks again, Rico"  Thanks for the update, Rico!

(R) This car from an on-line ad looks showroom fresh!  The grille inserts are from a '73 model, however.

(L) The seller was asking $4000 for this Mississippi car. Looks pretty normal at first glance, but the motor was prettied up with spray paint (they even painted the hoses!).  On the plus side, this car appears to have a Sprint-style sport steering wheel.  The blacked-out grille inserts were another Sprint feature, but could easily be faked.

(R) A long while back, this car was submitted for our ad section, but oddly the message did not show up in my mailbox until months later.  Fortunately, I followed the old ebay link and saved the ad pitch, which makes for amusing reading; here's an excerpt: 

"I came across this car and brought it home thinking it would be a great project when my wife made me realize how uncomfortable it would be to be divorced and broke, so I decided to let someone else do this one. It's a 1971 Pontiac Ventura, basically a Nova with a different front end. Heck, it even came from the factory with a Chevy 307 motor and 350 transmission.

"The story I was told when I bought it was a local car dealership HAD to take it in on trade to show something down for a couple that came in to get a new car. The dealership didn't want it and only did it when one of the salesman agreed to buy it to make the deal work. He drove it sporadically although he said he did drive it to Texas and back without any problems. After it started running rough, he parked it and that is where it sat for a year.

"That's where I came in and bought it. After messing with rusty midwest cars most of my life, I'm still amazed when I find one this nice. There are a couple little spots on the lower quarters and fenders and that's ALL. None in the trunk, none in the floor, just nice original metal. It shows 86k on the odometer, and I really believe that is original... I haven't messed with it all, not even to clean it. I figured once I started cleaning it, then I would get a battery to see how it sounded, then I would start fixing stuff... you know how that is. If it doesn't sell, I'll talk one of my friends into letting me store it at his house for a while till I get another car or two done and then try the wife again..."

(L) After relocating to rugged Montana, Jeremy Foster's '72 gets a bath and poses for a fresh photo here.

(R) An anonymous donation to the site, which looks like one of those slightly faded scrapbook photos we all love to stumble across.

James Ell ( jms_ell@yahoo.com ) has a sleek '72 with a custom stripe treatment.  Check out the chrome exhaust splitters!  I think that's the first time we've seen them on anything besides the '74 GTO.  Note also some strategic blacking-out on the front bumper, and some interesting color choices under the hood, too.

 More goodies from Greg Pittman and members of the www.performanceyears.com forum.  Greg posted the large image from a 20-plus-year-old magazine, and another member followed up with additional photos out of a Pontiac book.
Chuck Orcutt ( charles.g.orcutt@lmco.com ) joined the ranks of Ventura-holics by purchasing this exceptionally clean '72 around Christmastime 2005.  He has more pictures on cardomain. 
Details that Chuck captured from the original sales ad include:
"Base clear coat of black cherry metallic, with custom hand painted graphics by Shark Design. Doors, hood, and trunk line up well.  Straight body free of rust formation. Interior is complete and clean. Tires are new Firestone Indy 500s. 14 inch Cragar wheels. Undercarriage is clean, free of repair and detailed.  Engine is a built 327 with Hooker Super Comp headers, double hump heads and more. Power steering, new upper A-frame bushings, new weatherstripping.  93,000 original miles!"
Formerly a South Carolina car, now owned by Michael F. O'Shea ( n2ofiend@beer.com ) Mike says he's fixing this car up.  Note that the car is equipped with a console-shift automatic, a pretty rare combo if this is original to the car.