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Perched way up high is Tim Behrendt's '71.  Tim's lurking around in south central Wisconsin.  Some brand-name equipment is readily visible under the hood.  Motivation is provided by a Chevy 350.  And he's got a Nova front bumper on there too.
Finally, you can read about the cool features offered during the Ventura's first year...including "hood hold-down pins", can you believe it? 

 We are much indebted to  Dan Clark (see his car on 1971 page 1 and elsewhere) for these great scans.  Many, many thanks, Dan!

(L) I took the liberty of enlarging some of the brochure photos.  Lo and behold, the car has a floor shift, manual transmission.  Cool!

(R) Ted Nasmith is an artist with a website that displays some of his retro-style car paintings for various Pontiac models

I found a small site by a guy named Brandon who has this cleverly-camouflaged '71 Ventura.  Here's what's happening (Aug '03) "I'm currently building a stroked Cadillac 540 for it.   I've got a spare subframe and I'm fully welding the seams, converting to rack and pinion steering  and installing a motor plate for the Caddy block....I bought some new rear quarters but have yet to install them as the car is driven daily" branpeg1210@yahoo.com

Note that the rear door handles have been removed, no doubt some aerodynamic fine-tuning going on here :-) 

Our man Dan Clark is actively working on his '71, shown at far left with a temporary hood, and to the right with the new hood he got from Jeremy from the former www.72ventura.com website.  He also furnished this nice close-up of the quarter panel emblem.
(L) Here's an oddity off of e-bay...convert that Nova into a Ventura...all you need is a little glue.

(R) Some snippets from sales sites...check out the mods to the car in the lower left.  The look is unique, to say the least.

You e-bay vultures probably saw this car from California.  The interior was quite nice, too.
(L) A 'very international' contribution, where we have an American car in the Phillipines, driven by an Austrian!

"Hello, my name is Bernhard Floedl and I'm an Austrian living in Manila, Philippines. I have attached pictures of my 71 Ventura II, which was (originally) imported to the Philippines in 1978. The car is in excellent condition and still has the original engine... I use the car on a daily basis and it is a real eye-catcher for people. I bought it about two years ago and a lot of work went into it...the Ventura now has about 75,000 miles on it... Here's the data for your website:  original engine, 3 speed automatic with Quicksilver shifter, hydro back, multileaf springs, disc brakes in front, breakerless ignition, 205/60 x 14 tires with Pontiac snowflake mags...With best regards, Bernhard ( phil_consultant@yahoo.com )"  Note: I assume this car is equipped with a 307 V8. nov05

(R) Here's Jimmy Grossnickle's '71 captured by one of Car Craft's photographers. You can find more info on the magazine at www.carcraft.com

A very clean car offered for sale on e-bay in Sept 03.  It still had the original AM radio.
  (September 2003) Paul Hallmann's 1971 Ventura nears completion.   Progress shots of Paul's restoration. This car has since been completed (see the pics elsewhere in this section)   PHallmann@CoorsTek.com 
Dan Clark ( flamelayer@aol.com ) forwarded this picture of a new paint scheme he's planning for his '71 Ventura.  I notice his passenger side rear tire seems to be wearing prematurely.  Better look into it, Dan :-)     (October 2003)
(Feb 04) Here's the latest word from Dan: "I have been chipping away this winter on the car...here's a couple pictures.  I have been working on the firewall and bottom of the hood lately.  That's my new 406 in the background, got Vortec heads on it, just have
to save up for the intake now". 
His existing motor looks pretty nice already, if you ask me.  Picture 1 shows the interior stripped to the bare floor, and maybe a little bodywork too.
Remember the greenish car in the "Earthtones" collection of '71s?  That car has since been repainted and has a new owner, Carl G. in Illinois.  The car will be getting a new rear bumper soon.  He also took care of a slight lean: "...I threw on a set of those cheapo leaf spring helpers I picked up for $20.00.  They sure made the ride better!  I also found that there are air shocks on this car.  So I pumped a few more pounds in them and with the combination of the two it seamed to level it out."
Carl reports that the 250 is still running strong!
(L) A selection of '71's from various sales sites.  That little yellow Sprint is a rare find.  Looks like the red car was featured before... where the heck is our quality control?  ha-ha

(R) A beauty of a Sprint photographed at a car show in Canada.  See, if you surf long enough, you're bound to find cars like this hiding on the web...just don't plan to get anything done around the house!