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NEGLECTED METAL We know you love relics, so here are a few incredible hulks to whet your appetite.
(L) You east-coasters and rust-belters are probably gnashing your teeth that a super car like this was parted out.  But here's the story anyway: 
"Hey, I finally picked this 73 Sprint clean. I just happened across it as my car was in the shop, and the owner let me take what ever I needed, and I didn't leave much.  I would be very grateful if you would put one of these pics in the relics section. This Sprint gave its life so other Venturas may live on.  Aaron C. Buchanan" 
Thanks to Aaron for providing parts to some of our site visitors!

(R) Before gas prices went through the roof, I'd go for an occasional car-spotting drive.  Here are a couple of local finds.

Hard to tell, but it is a Ventura.  The hood and Pontiac wheel covers are the only obvious evidence.  Seems to be some Pontiac blue in the motor department, too.
Apollos, anyone?  Love the Montana 'collection' photo.

      Well, if this isn't a heart-breaker... this is one of the rare Wisco-modified 1977 Ventura Sprints, seen here lying in a Murfreesboro, Tennessee junkyard.  A site visitor purchased the car off ebay, travelled hours to get it, but due to the car's poor condition, he just took the tilt wheel and the custom louvers and spoiler.  Interesting to see what might be the original Formula steering wheel, and the fact that the car has a column shifter (I would have expected a console).  Someone already took off with the shaker-equipped motor.  He also noted that the Sprint logos were stencilled on.
"This car decodes as such:
1977 Ventura
Style=2-door Coupe Hatchback
Built at the Tarrytown, NY plant
Engine=V6/231ci. 2bb.
Serial # 112691"
  Yet another heavily-abused 77 Ventura 2 door coupe.  This one might have come up while trying a Google Image Search (try it sometime, once in a while some really obscure images like these might show up).  Makes me drool too...you can never have enough spare parts!
( L ) The very image of dereliction, the motorless '72 was eventually trailered to New York and put up for sale again. Check out the nice interior of the towing yard special.  I've seen Novas crop up regularly in the towing yards, so if you want parts, that's another source.

(R) I guess it was just easier to sell this car than to finish washing it...!

(L) Scratch and dent special in yellow, this vehicle was once offered along with a '74 GTO that wasn't in much better shape.  But it's seen here with a parts-rich '73, notable for some nice bucket seats and floor console.

(R) This has the aura of one of those legendary 'farm finds' you always hear about.  If you don't have any farms nearby, you need to cruise the alleys of the wrong side of town to find cars like this.  They're out there.

 This wreck was on e-bay, March 2003

(L) More refugees from our Ad section; the owner of the tan-yellow 4-door gave site visitors a much-appreciated chance to scavenge the car before it was crushed.  The green 2-door might live on, albeit wearing a fiberglass Nova front clip... Here's its story: 

"I came across the car while looking for a new 10.5 Drag Car project. I looked at several Novas that were full of cancer and overpriced, when a friend told me about a guy he knew in Dallas who drove his aunt's Pontiac home and pulled the engine out for his Trash pickup vehicle. I was told it had a Chevrolet V8 in it, so I figured it had to be a Ventura. When I saw the car it almost hurt to think of cutting up such a clean solid car but I will fell better if I can find a good home for the steel front clip that I am replacing with glass.  Trey" 

I'm sure the front clip was eagerly gobbled up by our parts-hungry site visitors.

(R) Another contribution from Dalton Mick.  "Attached are some pics of our 73 Ventura two door out to pasture... interior has pretty much been stripped, and rear bumper.  Next out of it is the engine which is believed to be a 400. Dalton"

Let's showcase some notable Buicks that have seen better days.  Plenty of nice parts were still attached to these cars, but it looks like someone made off with the front disk brake setup on the '74.  I believe the disk setup was standard on the Apollo for the 1974 model year.

Do you have photos of some neglected X-body vehicles?  You can e-mail them to Roland at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com and see your name in lights (or pixels)