Select Chevrolet Novas, 1974-1979

Spirit of America, Nova Rally

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Some preliminary pictures courtesy of Tracy Thompson.  This car is something else!  The console looks identical to the '74 GTO.
Tracy encouraged us to post a few more pics from his (now discontinued) site...there was no need to ask twice!  I'd put his car in my personal "Top 5" X-bodies.
Close-ups of Nova Spirit of America decal treatment. Available from:
Images borrowed from Bill's 75 Nova SS site at  A very rare car!
 (L) Ad campaign for the '77 Nova Rally (as opposed to the earlier "Rally Nova") 

 (R) Another 1977 Nova Rally ad.  The Rally version ran thru 1979.

Here's our very first X-body from Mexico, this one courtesy of Roberto de la Fuente ( ).  Check out the grille emblem that reads "Malibu Rallye" in the nose shot and engine photo!  Hopefully, some Nova expert can determine if this is an actual production vehicle or a very creative owner-built wonder. 

Roberto's got a very nice factory gauge cluster in the dash, and a manual transmission.  It's always interesting to see our favorite X-body in unfamiliar surroundings.  Enjoy!
    A '77 Rally Nova
Another 1977 Nova Rally (?)
 (L) Portion of an Air New Zealand ad showing what their Nova equivalent looked like in 1974.  Wonder what they called it?

 (R) This is how Tracy Thompson's restoration project began. This project was a rousing success, as you can see by the photos above!

 A sample of TONS of detailed pictures at This car is the owner's "pride and joy".  Some attention to the paint would make it even nicer.
 Nice 1977 Rally owned by Rick Marshall. 

 Salesman's aid for marketing the Spirit of America line of vehicles.  This option was offered on the Vega??!! Rare!

Trounced by the elements, but with its honor still intact, this '74 Spirit of America Nova is the new acquisition of  Travis Smith ( ), who shares his car's story:

"All RIGHT! OK, I wasn't into cars at all when I was growing up. Mostly just interested in video games, and finding new and inventive ways of getting myself into trouble. Nonetheless one of the kids that I had gotten myself into trouble with was having a party one night and he asked me if I wanted to see something cool... so he took us into this airplane hanger looking thing. And inside it was a canary yellow Nova Hatchback with huge slicks on it. The most impressive thing about that car was that when I walked up next to it, the bumper was pretty close to my waist. After that I just fell in love with Novas and decided to stick with them. (Chevelle sell outs) Novas are just way too under rated (if I could afford a Chevelle, I would, lol ).
"So I moved outta my parents, moved to Georgia with my wife.  I held my money for a while... Searched on e-bay for a Nova and none of them were in my price range ( 1,000 ) then I did a little more digging, and I FOUND ONE that no one was bidding on.

"It seems that this guy messed up filling out the form on e-bay he listed the car as the actual vin # and not the car that he was selling, so I made out like a bandit! By the end of the auction I bought the car for$800.00, and paid one of my friends 200.00 to go with me to pick it up. The guy that I bought it from said that all the car needed was a new battery.

"So I got home, put the new battery in and...nothing!... No ding, pop, sizzle, puff.... just a bunch of nothing!  This being my first car... I didn't know what to do except cry in my wife's arms. Later that week I found someone that fixed it for like 100 bucks...

"When I was taking out the interior I found the original build sheet... half the original build sheet, think the mice had made a bed outta the other half. Still got the original spare tire... funny looking thing, original jack, pretty much still got everything original. Except the shocks, tires, carb (upgraded to 4bbl).

"Next things I'm going to do is put new headers in (massive exhaust leak on one of the air intake valves), put an exhaust system in (lost the other one in transit, so if anyone finds it on I-20 they can keep it... LOL). I've got alot of work to do on the car. If anybody knows where I can get replacement parts that would be great! Travis."

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