Pontiac Ventura Related Links    Updated:  1-10-07 


Active Pontiac Ventura Discussion Groups

http://performanceyears.com/newsite/index.html  Look  in the "71-74 Ventura & GTO Tech" forum.  This is some of the best advice you'll find anywhere for the Ventura.


Ventura and 74 GTO sites

www.74gto.com    Dedicated to the '74 GTO and restoration of a car from start to finish.    

www.72ventura.com   Jeremy owns two 1972 Venturas, and has some photos of cars you won't find anywhere else. (discontinued)

www.ultimategto.com  Several pages of  nice ’74 GTOs and a couple of regular Venturas mixed in.  The most popular GTO site on the Net.

www.cardomain.com  You can find the Ventura and all of its X-body relatives here.

http://www.classicalpontiac.com/features/feature12.html  Features Frank Fichera’s sparkling ’74 GTO

http://www.deanjoyce.com/ventura/index.htm  (discontinued)
http://www.students.uwf.edu/tjh13/ventura.html  (discontinued)


Recommended Pontiac sites

www.poci.org    Official site of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International, the largest Pontiac club with over 11,000 members here and overseas.  

www.northwestlegends.com  Our very own Seattle-based GTO club, lots of great photos here!

www.goatherd.com  This is the official site of the Oregon Goat Herd Club, a very active group!   

www.pontiacdude.cc/  Some really cool tech info here, great drag racing tips for example! (use Explorer, Netscape chokes for me anyway)

http://www.gtoalley.com/sevenfour.html  A decent guide to decoding your ’74 GTO VIN

http://media.gm.com/division/pontiac/concepts/gtoov.html  Full history of the GTO,  with positive spin on the 1974 model.  An Official GM site.   

Pontiac-Related Services and Select Specialty Parts

www.phs-online.com  The website for Pontiac Historic Services.  They are the folks to call if you have any question at all about the true identity of your Pontiac!!!

http://www.stencilsandstripes.com/pr_pont_gtoj.asp   One of the sources for the 1974 GTO Stripe/Decal Kits

www.phoenixgraphix.com  Another source for 1974 GTO decals and the '71-'72 Sprint decals

http://www.dashtops.com/dashboard/autodash.cfm/175  dashboard covers, door panels 

http://www.replica-plastics.com/  Original Replacement Body Panels for General Motors cars from 1970's to 1990's

Ventura Relatives (Nova, Apollo, Skylark):

www.oldsmobileomega.com  (discontinued) Formerly nonnova.com, site owner Doug Hughes has done a complete overhaul and is providing Omega fans a place they can call home.

www.jv-racing.com  Tune in for the adventures of this flying four door Buick Skylark...in Norway!

http://www.novaresource.org/rpo_YF1.htm  Excellent history of Nova Rally / Rally Nova with descriptions of powertrains, options , etc.

http://rmcavoy.freeshell.org/nova_parts.html  OK, here's that cross-reference site for X-bodies that everyone's always looking for. 

www.geocities.com/novaessess/super.htm     Bill's 75 Nova SS site, a very good source for x-body info, with lots of good ads and pictures

http://www.geocities.com/chevrolet692000/NOVAMAIN.html    Tons of pictures of one guy’s 1974 Spirit of America  Nova

www.chevynova.ca/73nova Dave's Nova Site - Dave was kind enough to link to this site, so here's returning the favor!

www.buickapollo.com  Some nice pictures of GSX versions, drag cars.  Not updated too often, but  good selection of sales brochures and magazine articles.   (discontinued?)