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 *****  AUSSIE AUTO SHOTS *****
 A younger brother of mine just got back from Australia.  He snapped a whole line of vintage cars, so here's the first set.

 This is one wicked-looking Ford! Looks like a GT351 but is probably just a Ford Falcon.

 Car at left is a Chrysler product, looks like the lettering might spell out "Charger".   Car on the right...???  

November 2007:  Scott Baggiore sheds some light on these two hot rods:

"I was just looking at your website, and on the "other cool cars" page, you
have some Australian cars.  On the second row, you show a "Chrysler Product" and an unknown vehicle.  The Chrysler car is indeed a Chrysler Valiant Charger.  They are awesome cars that came with a 6-cylinder Hemi (no relation to the Slant 6) with available 6-pack carburetion.  They were the quickest Australian cars for many years, with the 4-speed models running low 14s.  Not bad for a 6!!  It is likely a mid 70s model, but I can't be sure without seeing the front.  I love the Australian Chargers, and one day I would like to import one to the US.

"The other car is a Holden Torana.  They were available with a six cylinder
(that was pretty healthy in its own right) or the Holden 308 V8.  These cars
were made for a few years in the early 70s.  The Australian manufacturers
didn't always change their cars every year like the American ones did, so
it's hard to tell what year it is.

"Both of these cars are worth quite a bit now, probably not too far from
American muscle car pricing.  Regards, Scott"

 Some shots of an '87 Holden H2 Premier station wagon with a bit of extra punch.  The car's owner is approaching...RUN!
 Proud owner Rod Kirkcaldie of Cairns  poses with his Chevy-powered wagon.  It's a 350 with a Turbo 400 trans.

 Stay tuned for more cool Australian cars to come!

 Photos from Tiger Run 2003.  Just a taste of what was happening out in the middle of Oregon!
 (L) Once in a while you'll see a French Citroen out here in Seattle.  This is just a neat 'artsy' photo taken with my toy digital camera

 (R) A treat for you Capri maniacs, in Thailand.  Loei is a peaceful town, I really loved it there!



 (L) Small-bodied English classic, occasional visitor at Alki Beach

 (R) Small-bodied Asian classic, one-time visitor at Alki Beach.  I know, this is not a car photo.  :-)

 More curvaceous girls along the waterfront.  I'm hooked.

...photos by others, and some cars I happen to like.  

Remember the awesome 1978-1980 Pontiac Grand Am? Don't call, it's sold.
From correspondent Keivan Akbari, check out this Iranian "art car"(?). It looks like it's got a Pontiac shaker scoop (with breathing holes cut into it?), so that's my justification for including it on the site. :-)  You can see Keivan's Skylark parked in the background in one of the shots, so that's another good reason I guess...
OK, quiz is over, this is an Australian car, a GT351 (Ford Falcon mechanicals) NOTE:  I actually spotted a car exactly like the yellow one above on the freeway here in Seattle in October '03!  That makes two...the other was red, with a "Live Fast, Die Sideways" bumper sticker.  Appropriate for this sinister-looking ride!
 (L) The beautiful but notoriously unreliable Alfa Romeo GTV6

 (R) Some day, I'm gonna buy an Opel Manta!  Don't ask me why!

 More views of the Manta, assorted model years
   Turbo Manta