pontiacventura.com's NEW RIDES for May 2008

Taking 7 weeks off of work to welcome a new baby into the world gave me visions (illusions?) of being able to begin reassembling my '77 Ventura project... alas, no progress was made, but it's been a huge achievement just to get this update ready!  So enjoy these new rides, and thanks again to all of you great contributors out there!  -Ro

"Love the website, frequent visitor.  Keep up the great work!!"  -Chris Hall
"By the way, you have a great site, and you own some beautiful cars!" 
Jeff Stearns

"I love the site, there's no where else I have found that gives so much credit to the Ventura. Thanks for the hard work and keeping the site
going." - Andrew Hawks


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"Then & Now"       Diz Dean's GTO
some "Claims to Fame"          Cool!

It's always great to hear from folks with well-known vehicles; here's one of them. I left the Legend article large enough to read because of the great history; if it's too small, click the little 'expand' icon in the lower right of the opened picture (if your computer is set to auto-size pictures).  Here's the word from Mr. Dean:

"I ordered this car in Gulfmist Aqua from Wilt Pontiac in Warren, Ohio. It has a 462
engine, 400 turbo, 3:42 gears, and runs mid-thirteens. The stripes and emblems are
airbrushed, it has a rare bench seat, an 8-track, and under 50K miles. It has been in
magazines, videos, calendars, and was People's Choice at the GTOAA Nationals in '95,
'00 & '04. I also have a '64 GTO, a Fiero, a '55 Chieftain, and an '01 GP GT SE. I
love my PONTIACS!! Diz Dean" ( dizpontguy@aol.com )

Remember this garage find that headlined NEW RIDES a while back?  Check it out...

"I thought I would send a few photos to show the progress my son and I have made on our 74 Ventura project. About a year ago our car was in your "New Rides" section. As you can see, the body was in pretty good shape so few changes are apparent on the outside. Tinted windows and new tires and wheels are about it.

"We did overhaul the 350 ci engine and make a few changes. It's been bored .030, balanced, upgraded to MSD ignition, and given a little dress up under the hood. Went with Performer level intake and cam.  We installed a stereo system without leaving a footprint in the car. The new console in the floor accommodates the added speakers and a gauge panel.

"We've recently purchased a shaker hood and will probably paint the car and change the hood next spring. Air conditioning is the next priority. Ventura enthusiasts shouldn't worry. All original equipment (hub caps, intake, hood, etc) will be safely stored in case we want to take it back to its original look. For now, it's perfect for a 17 year old kid.

"Thanks also for the great web-site. I don't think we would have ever been able to envision just what a cool car this could be without the great contributions from the enthusiasts from around the globe. Please keep up the good and time consuming work.

 Scott and Weston Roberts" ( ScottRoberts@Freightliner.com )

 A Mean Green Machine    

Writing in from New Hampshire, Jerry ( 74gto@comcast.net ) gives us the scoop on his GTO interpretation.  That cowl hood looks and fits great!  He sent a boatload of new photos but the site update was already nearly complete. But these will do nicely, I think!

"Hi there, this is my GTO clone. It has a 462 Pontiac, 4 speed,  3.73 posi, new quarters and fenders; working the interior now. Can't find the right looking rims for it...    

"I have a lot of information on a lot of stuff that fits this car, like a 7 inch power brake booster from a '60 Buick (needed valve cover clearance) heater core relocation ('69 Nova, get the heater core box from the big block, works awesome) home made posi (slid out my axles, put the chuck from a '75 Trans Am 75 right in with the shims). The 455 came from a 71 Grand Prix. Waiting for the front bumper to come back from chroming, I also pushed the front and rear bumpers in 3 inches... there's so much more I would be writing all night... thanks,  Jerry"

 A '71 All Re-Done!    
It was quite surprising to see this pretty '71 re-done, since it appeared to be in such remarkable condition. But there's always room for improvement, and this great car has gotten a serious update. The deep green is hard to photograph, but no doubt looks awesome in person!  Here's the word from the proud restoration team!

"Finally getting around to sending you an update on our Father & Son project 1971 Ventura. We last sent you pictures and you posted them in Feb. of 2004. We have completed a frame off restoration in 2007 of the little 71 in time for his senior year of high school, complete with the following: 
Complete suspension overhaul with all polyurethane bushings
New front and rear high performance shocks and sway bars
Converted all drum brakes to front and rear disc brakes
Drop springs front and rear
Changed from open to 3:08 Positraction rear differential, rebuilt original driveline
Every nut and bolt changed to stainless
All brackets, hood hinges, pulleys, inner fenders, etc blasted and powder coated
Complete color change (Polo Green), all parts painted off the car then installed
New Interior changed to black with new vinyl roof, all original chrome polished and reused
Hidden stereo system
2 ĹĒ Stainless Dual Exhaust system with crossover

 "He has many hours of work in his 1st car and really enjoys seeing the results on your website. Thank you, Sam and Scott Wells" ( fswells@charter.net )

 Pure Pontiac Again

Kenny Cunningham ( kenneth_cunningham@hotmail.com )owns this track-burning Ventura. He's got the bumpers tucked in and looks like the rear wheel wells were trimmed or rolled in at some point.

"(Here are) pics of my car, a 1971 Ventura, 400 + .060, Eagle rods, flat top pistons, Crane cam, Turbo 400, 3800 stall and brake, 4:56 gears (complete Moser rear).  

"Car was a 50th b-day present from my wife. The car has gone 10.27 at 130 with a 427 Chevy before I got the car. It now is all Pontiac. It's a labor of love, thanks, Kenny"

"The SX is Great!"

Nothing motivates me to get back to work on the website project car more than a well-executed post-74 X-body like this. I even have the same spoiler ready to go!  From Canada, please meet one beautiful SX-y car!

"I am the second owner, and I did some personal custom touches myself.
Engine: 350, Bored .060, 501 lift 292 dur cam, aluminum Intake
308 posi (Factory), 4spd (Factory)
Original SX car (NO CLONE, and have documentation to prove this), Darren" ( darrencarie2@eastlink.ca )


" Hi, here are some pics of my 74 Olds Omega. Original 350 engine, original 350 trans, crank was lightened balanced, flat top pistons, Proformance cam, roller tip rockers, heads were ported, polished and milled, 2" valves installed, aluminum Holley intake, Street Avenger carb, and Mondello HEI distributor.

 "... I'm glad you like the color,  I searched a long time to find it. I never dreamed it would be so hard. I told the body shop I wanted light green...sounds real simple, right..? Wrong!  Long story short, one day I saw a 2003 Malibu and I said that's it, that's the color. Believe me after 5 years of restoring and hunting for parts I could tell you a lot of stories!  On June 21 I'm taking It to Carlisle to show. Carlisle is pretty big on the east coast ...thanks, Rail Guy" ( shoop2@embarqmail.com )

I think the pictures speak for themselves--- from the overall vibe, to the accented seat covering, to the clean engine compartment! -Ro

< hard at work!
"Bought this car a few years ago and have been restoring. Dropped in a bored 455 and 4-speed and runs high 7's in 1/8th. Car was originally blue. Wayne Mitchell  ( wayne1965gto@hotmail.com )"
Look out, 'Detective' Don McKay ( goat74@shaw.ca ) has been on the prowl again and he captured these two new additions for the site! The camper-equipped car appeared in Oregon this spring, while he spotted the GTO clone at a DW Poppy High School car show. It's wearing the giant 1973 bumper but also has a beautiful light blue interior...don't recall seeing any of those in recent memory.
<NOT Don's car, but its twin!
    Sprint Crosses the Finish Line!

"Hi, just wanted to share a couple pics of my 1973 Ventura Sprint that i just finished restoring. I got the stripes from Al Pipher (see his ad on our parts page -Ro) and they look great. It's an all-original car with 74k on the clock. It's well-appointed with correct 350 Pontiac motor, 350 trans, power steering, power brakes and a/c. One thing I must share with you is that these Sprints are bringing well north of $5K now in good shape." ( surfingsafari@triad.rr.com )  

(L) Indulging in a little 'what-if' exercise (forgive my limited Photoshop skills), I've always wondered how we could make use of all those 4-door x-bodies out there. A pair of doors from a derelict 2-door, and maybe the B-pillar section/door jamb, might result in something that looks like this.

(R) Hope you're watching the magazine rack-- if so, you might have spotted this beautiful silver 1975 Ventura featured in High Performance Pontiac recently.  Kind of lame that they didn't have anyone for him to race, but we're happy to see owner Darryl Sotera's car in this nice multi-page spread anyway!

James Ell ( jms_ell@yahoo.com ) sends this new pic of his car, with its aggressive new hood, plus two others he found of a very sweet '72 Ventura on the Net.  Those earth tones look great on this body style. He reports:

"... I am working on a new direction for my Ventura. I have a new Pontiac crate engine to go into it and a few goodies from Detroit Speed and Engineering. I will keep you updated. ...James Ell"


Scott is fired up
about Venturas!

"Hey Ventura lovers, my name is Scott and I live in Fort Worth Texas and here are pictures of my two 1973 Venturas.The bright yellow car I bought when I was 17, it was originally an L-6 but I installed a Chevy 383, 350 auto trans with 200hp of nitrous (haven't used it yet though). It took 2nd place 2yrs in a row at Import vs Domestic shootout (both years I lost to my roommate in his Shelby). It's a great attention getter with 3" exhaust dumped and wicked throttle response. The best time was 7.8's in the 1/8th w/o nitrous. The pale yellow car I bought at a police auction for $110.00. It's a hatchback L-6 with a 3pd manual floor shift (rare?) (YES). I plan on only painting it red and putting in at V8 and 4spd.

"The Ventura-loving doesn't stop there, my little brother currently owns a 74 Ventura w/Pont 455, 4spd manual trans. It's his 2nd 74 to own, I got him his first Ventura out of a field when he was 14 and together we got it roadworthy by his 16th birthday. I found his old car on youtube just by listening to the rattles. I e-mailed the guy and indeed it was the same car (SMALL WORLD HUH!). Ventura, Omega, Apollo owners share a unique bond...we know we don't own Novas but we know own a better-looking car and I wouldn't trade my Ventura for a Nova for anything. To make people aware of  "lesser known X-Bodies" I say  you can't spell Nova (NovaOmegaVenturaApollo) without  the other X-bodies!!!. THANKS FOR THE GREAT WEBSITE, Scott Wakefield" ( yellowventura73@yahoo.com )    Amen, bro!

Dyno results!

"Hi it's Mike Adair. Put a new hood on the car. Paint colour not right, but looks good, hope you like. Engine out this summer, 474 going in. Here's the dyno sheet and pics of the car. Mike Adair pontiacmike04@hotmail.com ".

Mike picked up this pristine '73 out of our ad section from Toronto Canada and originally planned to just dress it up with some nice rims and dual exhaust.  Guess his enthusiasm for the car has increased somewhat!

(L) This is Dave's '73 Ventura, which is currently disassembled as he re-does the front clip.  See his progress in the Project Car section below.  Your scrapbook photos very welcome here!

(R) Patrick "Rick" Varain ( aleeon@sbcglobal.net ) sent us a recent snapshot of his '75 Ventura posing with another x-body stablemate.  He changed hood scoops and put a rear spoiler on, also shown in the Project Car section.

Department of Reminiscing...

"Hi, my name is Bill. I had the pleasure of owning a 1974 GTO Custom Hatchback that my parents bought me in May of 1974. I drove that car to college at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater for one year. I then transferred to UW Stevens Point. My goat was a pre July one that came without the factory air pump. After two years and about 25000 miles, I replaced the stock exhaust with a pair of Hooker Headers and a 3 inch exhaust into some great sounding Big Daddy glass packs. I drove that car on BF GOODRICH RADIAL TAís G60 14s.  At the drag strip, with open headers I ran a respectable low 14ís with the automatic tranny. I have severely regretted selling it ever since. My car was Buccaneer Red with white interior and the hatchback version.

"No matter what anyone may tell you the automatic was a much faster car than the manual (recently confirmed by High Performance Pontiac mag -Ro). If you have done your research as Iím sure you have, youíll know that the pre-July GTOís had the true Pontiac 350ís, that produced approx. 20 more horsepower than the GM or CHEVY motors that came after. Somewhere I have the original window sticker along with a picture that I hope I can find and Iíll send them your way. Bill ( pschrank2@wi.rr.com )"

(L) Remember the '76 Ventura with the NASCAR overtones in the last NEW RIDES update?  Its creator J4m98@aol.com sent in a unique shot of two NASCAR Venturas locked in combat.  (The Martin car was another shot I had laying around.  Seems to be almost impossible to find good stock car images of the Ventura.) He writes: "Here are some pics of Venturas in the Busch series. The #8 is Dale Earnhardt Sr's car and the inspiration for my 76 tribute car."

(R) Late-night surfing turns up another battered Ventura, gutted for racing in Williamsburg, KY.

 A Hurst Olds Omega???
Now, this sharp but curious vehicle created quite a stir! The owner sent his photos to this site and shortly after listed it for sale on ebay, after which we got multiple inquiries asking about it.  Typical comments were "There is an ad on EBAY for a 1978 Hurst Omega, it just doesn't look real. It is yellow and all the Hurst Olds that I have seen are white or black and gold..." and "I found this on eBay, is this thing for real or a phantom?"
The owner claimed the glove box to be autographed by George Barris, the famous customizer, and the car seems to exhibit some styling cues of his.  The owner also stated he'd seen 3 of these cars so far, but until proven otherwise, my guess is that this is most likely not a factory offering. Perhaps it was an aftermarket creation, like the 1977 Ventura Sprint.    

Where the Skylarks Are...    

(L) "Here are a few pics of my 1978 Buick Skylark. The '78 is my main focus now for a restoration/street rod project (he also was selling a '77). I had emailed you before with some questions a year or two ago and you were a big help. Thanks again and I love your website. -Jeff from New Jersey ( jeff.bunting@gmail.com )"     Glad to be of help, Jeff!

"Hi I live in the Montreal area, if you remember I sent you some pics from my Skylark for sale some time ago, I've sold it but just bought it back, trading my 74 gto for it. My gto was too trashy to put back on the road so the guy wants the skin to put it on a track to be a vintage stock car.  But at least I've recovered my 75 Skylark which is streetable and doesn't need inspection to put back on road. The Skylark has no running engine at present time but maybe I will put in a 350 Pontiac or a 350 Chevy.  She also needs a brake job and some tlc but hope she'll be back on the road this summer... thank you for the great site. Eric Villeneuve ( promotionvsracing@hotmail.com )

X-Bodies FAR from HOME

Once again we hear from the southern edge of the globe!  Writing through a translator, please welcome Lizandro, who owns a Nova, but has the true x-body spirit. With very little editing on my part, I think his message will come through if you read carefully. 

"Greetings from Chile. I find your website very interesting for fanaticos Pontiac. Perchance, it counts that I am with the idea of restoring a 1977 Chevy Nova after which you attached some pictures, I hope I can be of any help to any reader of your page. I live in the south of Chile. Here at the end of the decade many of the 70s cars were sold: Chevrolet Nova, Buick Skylark, Pontiac Phoenix.  I hope to fulfill a dream that I have restored my Nova and re-circulate through the streets of my beloved city. We keep in touch with whoever wants to share their experiences with these beautiful cars. Forgive any error in writing because I do through a translator. Write to liguja@gmail.com Greetings, Lizandro"

Bernie's Back!
Manila resident Bernhard Floedl sends in some recent shots of his '71 wearing its glowing new paint.  The motion shot is very cool, nice job!  Here's the latest from Bernie:

"The second photo (is from) a meeting of the members of the Muscle Car Forum Philippines, which gets together every second Sunday of the month.  We vote where to meet and at what time and then who ever has time shows up.  The forum is quite nice, check it out: http://musclecarsph.1.forumer.com/index.php?act=idx   The Ventura turned out to be quite popular among the members, see: http://musclecarsph.1.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=614 . Now everyone is waiting how my new project, a '71 Plymouth Duster 340 is gonna turn out (see http://musclecarsph.1.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=589 ). Anyway, all the best!  Till soon, Bernie"

video! (.mov format)
Rafael Consuegra ( rafaelconsuegra2004@yahoo.com ), with the Omega from Colombia (see Feb 08 NEW RIDES) has been at work rigging special lighting on his car and sends this short 5Meg video. He writes:

"Hi every body. Thanks for your mail. I take this video clip to show the tail lights. I work hard in this point, the tail lights original wire is bad, but I reconstructed all. And I invent the lights up in the back panoramic glass. In the future I invent other tail lights, and front lights. Thanks for all."

Model Kits


(top) Craig Antonio ( cmantonio@sasktel.net ) has two full-size Omegas, but he's also working a smaller project:

"I am building a 1/25th scale model of a 1974 Omega... Most parts are custom made as there is no model kit available.  It is a 72 Nova body being highly converted to look like a 74. I will have big bucks into this by the time it is done. Model kit 20.00, Ventura resin kit 50.00??  I almost have the rear tail light assembly done for the model.

(bottom) Eliezer Perez is another avid model fan, and among his many contributions is this fictitious model kit off of ebay, where someone glued some cleverly-done graphics onto a box.  Oh, what could have been :-)  He writes in about another find:

"How's everything, the site looks excellent as always. I just wanted to send you this link where a modeler built up a 73 Ventura, it looks kind of cool, I thought you might want to see for yourself.  http://s116.photobucket.com/albums/o33/moose5147/73%20VENTURA%20WIP/ ELIEZER PEREZ"  ( eliezer@systemusa.com )

There are a bunch of other assembled model kits in my archives, I'll make it a point to publish some photos next time around. -Ro

(L) X-body fan Thomas Lord spotted this nice '75 Ventura Sprint for sale out of Minnesota.  Note the machine-turned dash, one of the features of the Sprint package for that model year.

(R) A Sprint from an earlier time, showing the very first iteration of the "Sprint" logo.  This car may have been out of our ad section...it's been too long to remember.

"Non-Nova" Sightings in the Movies
  • Jerry (owner of the green GTO clone above) writes: "I just saw your video sightings on Venturas, there is a nice 74 Ventura that gets thrashed in the movie called "Smokey Bites the Dust"...
  • A guy named Dave spotted another X-body: "In the movie, "No Country For Old Men", there is a scene with a Buick Skylark, it was closer to the the later part of the movie (in the hotel and pool scene part).  The scene was somewhat long and you could clearly see the mid-70s, blue-colored 2 door Buick Skylark with white side moldings, in the background of the guy talking."
  • Of course, speaking of Skylarks, surely you've seen the x-body Skylark parked at the very beginning of the "Fast and Furious" mega-hit, which appears in several of the early camera shots as the movie's hero pulls into the diner (or whatever it is) -Ro.
In other "sightings" news, here are a couple of x-bodies I spotted in the Seattle area.  Had I not been late for an appointment, I would have left a note for the white Omega owner to get more info on their car, since it was really sharp.

As always, any owner who wishes to have an "X-body sighting" photo removed for privacy reasons, can just drop me a line at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com , thanks. -Ro

Got some cool non-Nova X-body photos?  Your pics are welcome, just email them to pontiacv@pontiacventura.com (jpg file format preferred) 

We DO accept pics of the '77-'79 Nova Rally and '74 Spirit of America, because they are cool and pretty rare, too.

Project Cars

This vehicle looks too nice to be a project, but another photo sent by the owner showed the car pretty well torn down, so we couldn't really guess the true status; so naturally we chose the prettier picture :-)

"This here is my 76 Omega, I have had this car since I was 16,  20 yrs now!   I think it was original 250 8 cyl  3 on tree.  Now has 1969 pontiac 400,  400 turbo,  290 hp  2 barrel stock with 60,000 original miles and 4-10 Richmond gear. Is going in shop this summer for body and paint. In 1988 this car was bought in Fort Campbell, KY off the [ lemon lot] army base, originally from Texas. Mick Crawford" ( mickc72@msn.com )

"I'm Dave and this is my 73 Pontiac. I got it in 1989. I was 16 years old and this is still my baby!!!  ( trac_maries_here@yahoo.com )" 

Sounds like Dave was lucky enough to keep his first car, something many of us wish we could have done!

"Hey love the site!  Thought it's time to share my little poncho.  It's a 78 Pontiac Phoenix and up till I bought it just over a year ago I never knew such a car existed.  As far as I know it's only 1 of 2 in Ontario and probably 1 of 1 that's a pro street build.

"The car's undergone hundreds of hours of work--- it has almost a new body, as for the drive train I have a 414 hp 355 SBC, th350 strip trans, and 3.73 posi rear to be put in once it's painted its "mellow yellow" base/clear.  I have pictures of the whole restoration at: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2475568 , thanks! Kyle Dagenais"  ( dumb_ass_dagenais@hotmail.com )

"This is my í75 Omega project.  I bought it a few months ago (Mar í08) for a smooth $500.  It had a big Ďmunchí in the dogleg on the drivers side.  I went through the interior and made some holes in the metal and pounded out as much as I could and then used bondoglass to smooth it out.  Itís in its finishing stages.  It also had the Landau top, and those ugly side panels that go with it.  I took off the top and all the trim and cleaned up the Ďnipplesí.  Iím afraid to remove the side panels, though, as I have no idea what the body looks like underneath, or the window trim and so forth.  If anyone knows or has a picture Iíd love to see it before I go whacking the plastic side caps.  Anyway, hereís some pictures. This one was originally powder blue, faded, oxidized and spider-webbed. 

"It has the original 260 4.3 liter V-8.  I replaced the 195 Rochester 2bbl with a 200 model for slightly bigger (and cleaner) jets.  It runs much better now.  Itís got a nice turbo 350 trans, and an 8.5 bolt POSI rear end.  I know itís posi because the engine doesnít have enough balls to spin the tires on pavement, but in dirt, itís two wheel spin every time.  Even If I crank hard right and left on the wheel to get it to lean down on one side or the other, it just fishtails and throws dirt everywhere.  So far Iíve done the bodywork on the left dogleg, replaced the turn signal mechanism and got signals backÖ. For a week, then they stopped working again. 

"Anyone have ideas?  Used to be just the front would work with the Hazards, no rear lights at all.  Then I replaced the steering column mechanism and it all started working.  Backup lights too.  Then one night it all just stopped working except for the brake lights.  When I put on the hazards, they all work, sidmarkers too, but as soon as I press the brake pedal, all the blinking lights come on solid.  The front ones, side markers, everything lights up.  I cannot find the problem. 

"Iíve also replaced the interior: Seats, headliner, carpet, both rear body panels and the rear seat cushion.  The package tray is in great shape.  I plan to replace the 260 with a brand new remanufactured 260 from Enginesdirect.  It will cost $450 including shipping for the short block.  I plan to buy heads a little later at $175 ea.  Iím getting some mid-80ís Monte Carlo SS wheels to put on it as well.  Cheers!!
Douglas Vernon"

Gerardo Campos ( yayo-619@hotmail.com ) joins the ranks of classic Pontiac owners.  "Hi, I recently purchased a 1971 Pontiac Ventura II that I am trying to restore and I was hoping you could help point me to some good sites that sell parts for these vehicles."

Rick Varain chose a popular spoiler for his '75 Ventura, from a rather unusual source!

"I found that whole set up at pick n pull. It was on a 76  4dr Nova badged as a 396 SS, no such thing. Too bad I stripped it, it was still in good shape, the engine, a 350 chebby was mostly intact too. I don't know what the fin was originally from, but I thought an early 3rd gen Bird when I saw it."

Craig Antonio ( cmantonio@sasktel.net ) now has a second Omega. "The green car I bought recently and was going to strip it, but the fact it has disk brakes up front, buckets, console shift a/t, I could not do it although it needs alot of work. I will be looking for bumper fillers at both ends, any help would be very, very appreciated.  It was not my intention to fix it but I can not let it go to a crusher, I love the xbody cars too much. I love this site and am always checking it, keep up the great work. Hope my spellin is good!!! Thanks, Craig."   Well-spelled, Craig :-)

Do-it- yourself Ventura hood!
If you are in dire straits and can't find a Ventura hood, here's a possible option sent in by J4m98@aol.com :
"Here are some pics of a 69 Camaro hood and 76 Ventura hood . The windshield cowl panel needs some mods too. The outer corners are slightly higher on the Camaro. The Camaro and Pontiac are the same contour at the fenders, and in front of the window. Both hoods are the same width in back, the Camaro hood is 1" narrower in front.

"If you cut along the edge front to back, leaving the the rolled edge intact and add a tapered filler piece adding the 1/2" in front, that will get the sides right. The front you will measure back 1" at each corner and make a pie cut and push the front back and re-weld. The mounting holes in back are slightly forward on the Camaro, 1/2" or so. If you lengthen the slots to compensate you should have enough to adjust for final fit. The latch should be able to relocate; I used hood pins so I haven't tried to make stock latch fit. If you have questions feel free to contact me."  


99% of the time, you're free to use the photos you find on this site. The 'pontiacventura.com' name is added as a way to promote the site thru sharing the photos with fellow hobbyists, and to take a little credit for all the extra work that goes into processing the photos for internet publication.  Whenever I can, I credit the car owner, photographer, or website source and would ask the same favor in return if you use these photos on your own site. If you want to use a photo that has the photographer's own copyright, or is obviously from another publication, I'd recommend you seek the original source's permission.



Do you have photos of a Ventura or non-Nova X-body?  You can e-mail them to Roland at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com  OK, the '77-'79 Nova Rally and '74 Spirit of America are cool too :-)