pontiacventura.com's NEW RIDES for February 2008

This time around, I made an effort to pull some really nice cars out of my PC's archives... and there's lots more where those came from.  Anyway, hope this dose of New Rides holds you over a bit, because by the next update we should have a new family member...'Momma Bear' is due at the beginning of April!  -Ro

"Thanks to Roland for developing and maintaining this site. It's a great resource, and it's nice to know there are others who think of the Ventura as not just a Nova knock-off... (Kristofer Parker, selling his '72 Ventura in the ad section ( kristofer_parker@hotmail.com )


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Let's start 2008's first update with a sure-fire favorite, a 74 GTO in Buccaneer Red.  This beauty belongs to Adam Womack, who drops us a line:

"Thanks for a great website!  I was browsing through the 'New Rides for November 2007', and found the picture submitted by Dalton Mick from the Mid-America Pontiac Uprising ( http://www.pontiacventura.com/new_rides-fall07_files/dalton100_0778.jpg )

"This is actually my car (I appreciate the kind evaluation from Dalton!).  I previously submitted some pictures to you (a few years ago, listed under page 10 of the 1974 GTOs)...

"The car was completed in October 2005 (except for the A/C, which I now have on).  Attached are a few updated pictures. I also changed the location of my website (was www.onetrak.com/1974gto), and is now www.members.cox.net/1974gto Thanks, Adam Womack ( 1974gto@cox.net )

I have a lot of great cars like these in my archives, so I hope to publish more of them in the future.  Enjoy! -Ro

Nice find, Terry!

"Hello! I have to say I love this site. I have owned a few GTO's over the years, but never a 74. I remember when they came out. Everyone seemed to hate them. I thought they were sharp. I loved the shaker hood.  The last GTO I owned was 26 yrs ago.

"Thinking I couldn't afford one at today's prices, I went looking for a Ventura. Why not? I always liked that style, and since they weren't that popular maybe I could find one cheap. While shopping online I saw an ad for a 74 Ventura with a 350, 4 barrel, and 4 speed. OK, you have my attention.

"When I opened the file and saw the pics, I instantly knew what it was. I drove 2 hrs to see the car and after another 2 hrs of haggling, it was mine and loaded on the trailer.  Originally it was Buccaneer Red with a white interior. It was a drag car for many years. Someone along the way changed the interior to all black. I will change  everything back to factory colors.

"Out of all the Goats I've ever owned THIS one gets the most attention!! Funny, the GTO no one seemed to want is now a quite a rarity! I hope you will add these pics to your site. Sincerely, Terry Smith ( jcajsmith@sbcglobal.net )"

What's it gonna take to get YOUR wheels off the ground? You may remember a discontinued site called 72ventura.com, there were many great shots of this car on there, but I only borrowed one of them, courtesy of the webmaster.  Fortunately, the car's owner sent us these gems and some info about his car!

"My name is Steve and this is my 72 Ventura. The motor is a 455 with flat top Ross pistons, H beam rods , stock crank, #13 heads that I ported myself.  I run a Crane solid flat tappet cam 276 284@ .050 608 lift and the cam is ground on a 106 centerline.  I run a 3.42 gear in  the rearend and THM 350 trans with a 4800 TCI 8" converter.  I shift at 6100 rpm and the best Qtr mile time is 10.28 @ 130.  On a 150 shot of NOS the car went  9.48 @ 143.  The tires are Phoenix 28.5 -9 -15.  This car runs the Summit E.T bracket series and makes around 300 plus runs a year at race tracks in the west. ( slcalddrag@comcast.net )"

Intended as a classic car for a son who didn't want to buy it, it was Mom who fell in love with this 75,000 mile original.  She writes: 
"Have been a fan of your website for awhile now, ever since I acquired my sweet baby. She is a 1977 Firethorn Red Pontiac Phoenix with a 305ci V8 engine. Everything inside and outside is original right down to the factory sport hubcaps (except for the Cherry Bomb muffler I couldn't resist). Planning on doing some upgrading in the engine compartment and exhaust system as well as a new paint job.

"She can usually be seen at the local cars shows in Lake County, Florida.  Keep up the good work since this is one of the few sites I can go to and view other gorgeous Phoenix cars. Cindy Barks ( barkse@yahoo.com )"

It's kind of surprising that the manual transmission was standard on these cars--- it's pretty rare to find one nowadays.  Chris Moon ( chris.moon@soundanswers.net ) was lucky enough to discover this low-mile beauty, however.

"Attached are a couple of pictures of a 73 Ventura I just bought. This 73 is a 250ci L6 model with a 3spd manual.  It has 24k original miles. It had been owned by an old lady who only drove it several miles to work while she was still working during the 1970's.  The paint is now new and the wheels are obviously not stock.  It runs well as is, and I have no plans to do a V8 swap at this point.  I'll likely only upgrade the intake, carburetor, and headers to make it a nice ride. I've enjoyed looking at all of the cars on your site. Regards, Chris Moon"

"Hi, I own www.sousacycle.com  in Turlock CA. Saw your site, just bought this 73 from an old lady. 90,000 org miles, 350 v8, 2bbl, no rust, org blue CA tags . Original paint faded but I buffed it out (been detail guy 35 years)... if you like post it, thanks Joe Sousa ( joe@sousacycle.com )"  This clean survivor is still wearing its Pontiac wheel covers, too.

Again from the internet archives, some memorable rides...

(L) Last time around, we showed you Dwayne Moody's black Sprint project car. Well here it is in its original condition, back around 1975.  Love these vintage photos!

(R) Navy man Eric Walker ( walkere@lhd3.navy.mil ) forwards this pic of his '74, which seems to have picked up a touch of color on the rims this time around. " It is back in Alabama now with my parents again.  Keep in touch, Eric."

Technically a project car, but this car has such a bad-ass vibe the way it sits, I hope it never gets painted!  Hot Rod magazine hinted at a "NASCAR for the street" look a while back, but I'll bet this dude was working on it well before then...check it out!!!  -Ro

"Here are some pic's of my "76".  I've had the car for 14yrs. The car has a GM 350 crate engine, Edelbrock rpm-air gap, Edelbrock 650, MSD 6 al.distributor and coil.  Headman headers with Flowmaster "44" mufflers and nascar-inspired exhaust. An aluminum radiator and a trans cooler control the heat. A  stock turbo 350 with a 2.56 rearend make up the drivetrain.

"The suspension has Energy Suspension front to back, a sway bar from a late 70's Z-28 and Lakewood traction bars out back. The front was lowered 2". The combo works great, to the shock of many import and a few Vette owners.  I drive it between 400-3,000 miles on a weekly basis for my work. Makes it hard to do major work on, will send pics as work gets done.

"For those who want to customize, "69" Camaro dash parts can interchange, pad cluster (minor mods), glove box, and ash tray. The hood and cowl panels match except for the center and with minimal work will match.  Rear end and springs bolt directly in.  How many times have you heard nice Nova, or how will T/A parts fit your Nova. Well now you can add "69" Camaro  parts to those comments. E-mail questions to j4m98@aol.com "

<Skylark fenders!

John likes to light 'em up down in Alabama... he tells us about his ride:

"Mine is a1975 Ventura, but I have changed things a little. It has a 350 Chevy engine with Victor Jr intake, Trick Flow heads, a 750 mechanical secondary Holley, Comp Cams 292 magnum cam, Comp pro magnum 1.6 roller rocker arms.  With a power glide transmission with a ptc 4500 stall and 4.86:1 gears, it has run a best of 7.38 seconds @ 92 mph (eighth mile) at Atmore Dragway in Atmore, Alabama.  I also run 4.11 gears, with the 4.11 gears the car has run a best of 7.49 seconds @ 90mph.  According to friends who have cars that run like
mine, on all increments it should be a mid-eleven second quarter mile car.  John"

Two northwest X-bodies... 
(L) Duffy's got a '74, and was understandably a bit creeped-out when he saw his car appearing in a recent "X-Body Sighting" pic, but was a good sport and sent another photo along with the following details. "(It has a) 1974 Rocket 350, Edelbrock performance package; cam, manifold, AFB 650, roller timing set, lightweight fan, aftermarket dual exhaust. TH350 soon to be beefed up. Future plans include Edelbrock aluminum heads and a rear gear treatment. 74500 original miles."

(R) The '71 Ventura was out of the Seattle craigslist, and has been repainted, but we can still clearly see that it was originally a Sprint model (or inherited a trunk lid).

(L) "This is my 1974 Omega, it has the original (rebuilt) 350 Rocket/Quadrajet, 4-Speed , 3:43 Posi, and I have owned this car for over 20 years . It was purchased in El Paso TX in 1996.  Gary Podany, Charleroi PA. 1974omega@comcast.net "

(R) Has anyone gotten the right look with a spoiler on the 71-74 body style?  I think the jury may still be out, but what do you think?


"Tonight as I was leaving work, I decided to check the oil in my Omega. As I had the hood open 2 teenagers on bikes rode up and asked what was  wrong with her. I told them 'just checking the oil'.  One noticed my chrome air cleaner and asked ' is it a hemi?' I went on to explain....... jdmercman@aol.com "  Patience is a virtue :-)

It's actually his son's car, but it's probably Dad's name on the title anyway at this point...either way, this looks like an awesome first car!
"We just purchased this car on ebay, as a project for my son and I. He is 13 now and looking to build a classic car for when he starts driving - he does not want an import! We plan on rebuilding the motor & trans, it needs a new trunk pan as well as suspension and interior work.

"We're not looking to build a show car so it is a good starter (especially considering it is an OH car), and will give my son and I a lot of time together. We came across your site looking for Ventura information and parts, and thought we'd send you some pics of the car as it is now. Great Site! Jay Turner ( jdog133@hotmail.com )"

the ad photo...



Recognize this car from our ad section?  It was sold to a father & son team from Illinois.  The seller, Kathy, described the sale as "a match made in heaven".  JR, the new owner writes:
"Just wanted to say thank you for your web site. I bought Kathy's 71 Ventura on Friday . On Sunday we arrived at its new home in Illinois. It ran flawless for 2000 miles in 2 days. Here are our pics from our trip home. I own three 1967 Firebird convertibles, and this is my first muscle car  that's not a bird. It will be my 14 year old's first car in 2 years. He loves Novas, but I showed him the Venturas and he fell in love with the Ponchos. We drive our cars and the Ventura will go on the Hot Rod Power tour, this will be our 9th year. J.R"

"Here are some pics of my 74 GTO... it has the original motor and 4 speed. I live in Vienna Ohio, and if it wasn't for my friend Diz Dean and his well-known 74 GTO, mine might not be on the road... getting to know him has made me want this car finished even more.  Sincerely, Scott Mezzapeso smezzapeso@yahoo.com "

We Have "Mission Creep"...
"Site looks to be gaining in size. Just wanted to send a few pics of the engine -it's finally done !!!

"As you know, when a person goes changing one little thing, it opens up a HUGE Can of Worms !!!  Instead of building the top end of the original 350, it is now a balanced and blueprinted 400. Nothing went smoothly, one thing led to another, so this is what $12,000+ looks like - not including pics of the built 200 R4 tranny, the 81 Firebird Console, the Hurst His and Hers Shifter,  the Fully Reclining Bucket Seats, the Tilt Column and all the Mods needed to make everything work. Definitely a Royal Pain !!!  My Next Pontiac, if there ever is one, will have a Chevy 502/572 Ready to Run Crate Motor !!!! Best Wishes in the New Year !!! Jim Hintz"
You've seen Jim's great-looking red '73 Ventura elsewhere on the site.


99% of the time, you're free to use the photos you find on this site. The 'pontiacventura.com' name is added as a way to promote the site thru sharing the photos with fellow hobbyists, and to take a little credit for all the extra work that goes into processing the photos for internet publication.  Whenever I can, I credit the car owner, photographer, or website source and would ask the same favor in return if you use these photos on your own site. If you want to use a photo that has the photographer's own copyright, or is obviously from another publication, I'd recommend you seek the original source's permission.

"Eve and Steve park mainly under the eaves..."

"Here are our two 1973 Buick Apollo's. The green one "Eve" which is my wife's, has a 350 2bbl, all stock, but will be getting performance upgrades pretty soon.

"The silver one "Steve" which is mine, had a Chevy 350 in it and an overdrive trans but all of that came out and it is currently just a rolling chassis. Future plans include adding a Oldsmobile  350 and a 400 trans out of a Delta 88 since i got them for free. Please add my cars and pics to your wonderful site, thanks! 

"Ps- I think the green one might already be on there along with my green 75 Olds Omega F85. Parrish and Kelly Lewis ( Camaro808@yahoo.com or yourcarisslower@yahoo.com )"

"I just ran across your site.  I didn't know there was a Pontiac Ventura  site.  This is great.  Here are a few pictures of my  ride.  A friend handed the keys over and said "She's yours!" She's not the prettiest thing compared to those on your site. 

"It has  the original Pontiac 350 2bbl.  27,000 original miles. Since the body is in great shape to begin playing with, my wife and I are going to find a shaker hood and rebuild the motor to ride faster.  We are also going to upgrade the interior with modern conveniences.  There have been quite a few people in my town drool over the shape of it and constantly call it a (ugh) NOVA. Your site has my attention and I will return often. Dan Kelley Fulton, KY"

Can't wait to see a shaker on a 4 door!  Good luck to you, Dan!




Have a look at our first X-body from Colombia!  This car belongs to Rafael Consuegra ( rafaelconsuegra2004@yahoo.com ) who sends us all greetings from South America and the following message, which I've paraphrased for clarity:

This is a photo of his project car, a 1977 Omega.  It's difficult to find parts to restore it, and not easy because he only has simple tools available to work on it.  But he believes it is not impossible to restore the car.  He'd really appreciate any kind of maintenance manual for the car (even a Nova manual would help, in my opinion -Ro).  He says folks shy away from these legendary cars, because of the gas, oil and maintenance expenses, but he loves this car!

He actually writes with very understandable English, so don't be shy about helping him out if you can.

We've seen Iranian-built 4-door Buicks on the site before (see our Archives), so it was quite a surprise to see a 2-door. Shahryar Zand ( ozgaal@yahoo.com ) shares a few photos of his 1975 Buick Skylark, which he has named "Booyook" (a person's name in Farsi).  Shahryar tells us:

"(The car) is American... although there are many Iranian-made Buick Skylark 4 door, Chevy Nova 4 door, and Cadillac Seville sedans here. They were produced between 1979 and 1986 and a few later, by IRAN GM (PARS KHODRO company) and they were the best quality cars ever assembled in Iran ... nowadays cuz of increasing petrol prices some of owners don't take care of them anymore & they  become abandoned and in bad condition...but many more still stand strong and nice. Here there's many American car lovers."

Based upon car show photos sent to me by other correspondents from the Islamic Republic, there's a large fan base for vintage American Iron in Iran.

(L) JD shares another image from his collection of vintage Ventura magazine excerpts.  Thanks!

(R) Nope, I didn't alter the picture to look like a painting, that's how it came in...
"Just thought I'd share my Ventura with your web site, one of the few left in Ontario Canada area because of local circle track racing taking all the cars and changing them to racers.  It's a 1977 2dr, sports a 350SBC, auto, owned for 10 years, (my first car, and wife likes it enough to let me keep it) featured in Pontiac Enthusiast magazine last year under Readers Rides. Clayton ( clayton_leonard01121@yahoo.ca )"
Congratulations on the magazine feature!

"Hi, found your website, looks good. I recently purchased a '71 Ventura II with 60,000 original miles on it and NO RUST. NONE. Car came from Fresno, CA.  Just thought I'd share. Matt. ( mechanic116@yahoo.com )"

Got some cool non-Nova X-body photos?  Your pics are welcome, just email them to pontiacv@pontiacventura.com (jpg file format preferred) 

We DO accept pics of the '77-'79 Nova Rally and '74 Spirit of America, because they are cool and pretty rare, too.

Project Cars

Benton's got a sweet '71 nearing completion.

"This 71 Pontiac Ventura was a $400.00 purchase from the Junk Yard. Some changes were made to make it stand out from the rest. We changed the doors and did away with the wing windows. You will also notice the marker lights are gone too. a complete disc brake conversion was done from a 72 Chevelle parts car. The car currently has a Chevy 350 Engine, also from the Chevelle, rebuilt of course.

"We will install a large Pontiac Motor before completion but the 350 makes it easier to move around. No Rust, no rot and a new interior to be installed as well. It's been fun to work on, hate to see it come to an end. These are pictures the way it sits now with Hugger Orange Paint and Black satin trim pieces. Hope to be done soon.... will send finished pictures.....Benton Lasers ( lazerguy@verizon.net )"

"Hi Roland, long time since I've sent you an update, the GTO is almost ready for paint.  I just had the vinyl top installed. We are up and running, the engine is running perfectly.   The windshield and rear window will be installed next week... Thanks, Bob" 

Just wait until this car is painted, it'll be a knockout.  We don't see many vinyl roofs going back on, so this is a nice switch.

A recent acquisition for ( t.lfeist@accesscomm.ca ).  The car has the SJ taillights, and aside from the c-pillar primer, you can tell this car had the Landau roof removed because you can still see the outline of it on the rear side window glass.  The hood also has a few holes from the chrome hood strip. TL writes " This is my 77 that I started working on. 355 Chev making around 500 hp"

Needs a little work, huh? Our free ads are at your service!

"Bought this 74 Pontiac Ventura late last summer. Saw it on ebay and noticed it was in the same town I live in. I am waiting for the warmer weather to get here so I can get it back on the road again. So in the mean time I am starting to order the parts I'll need. It's got a 428  engine, that I am told was pulled from a 68 GTO.  The good thing is I have all the parts for the car, lights, hood, trunk lid, etc. Adrian Lantz  ( adrianlantz@yahoo.com )"

"Here is the link for the updated pics of my old girl: http://www.putfile.com/t2lamb/images/129154 . She has come a long ways since last you saw her... The 455 is up and running, backed by the M22 Muncie 4 speed. There is a pic of her on the rack where I just updated her with disk brake system. Still trying to get the alignment down and finished in the photo. You can add these photos to your site if you would like. I'll be checking there for her regularly lol... Well a little more body work and paint back to the original Ascot Silver in the spring..cya Terry Lamb ( a95toy@yahoo.com )"

This is going to be quite a transformation; go back and see the previous pics of this car.  With those wrap-around seats, Terry's going to be flinging this car thru the corners without a care in the world.


Do you have photos of a Ventura or non-Nova X-body?  You can e-mail them to Roland at pontiacv@pontiacventura.com  OK, the '77-'79 Nova Rally and '74 Spirit of America are cool too :-)