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Shelling out 'big bucks' to keep site visitors entertained, I turned out to be the only lucky bidder on this Canadian Ventura brochure.  I don't see any sign of the Special Appearance Group (formerly the Sprint package), but by God there is a 4-banger engine with a 5 speed tranny available!  I guess the "Formula" steering wheel was supposed to make up for the lack of go power.  But enjoy the pretty pictures anyway :-)
Dennis Doyle ( DDOYLE4@CINCI.RR.COM ) has re-joined the ranks of Ventura owners with this sharp, seemingly unmolested '77.  Nice find!  His car has the 3.8L Buick V-6, but he's got a built Chevy motor that might find its way under the hood.
(L) Another new owner shares the first shots of his future luxury-hotrod... note the power windows, wire wheel covers, SJ taillights, and of course the hood ornament... " Hi, I just wanted to compliment you on your site. I'm also the proud owner of a '77 Ventura SJ that I recently found at an auction. Your site is going to help me make some decisions on building the car up. My plan is to swap the 301 & TH200 for a SB Chevy and TH350 or 400.  Thanks, Rich Scofield ( rws265@gmail.com )"  
Thanks Rich, we'll be looking forward to seeing how this car evolves.

(R) Feast your eyes on these tantalizing shots of a gorgeous blue '77 Ventura hatchback.  I'm betting this car hasn't spent too much time in the sun---those turn signal lamps don't look too faded.  Owner Dave Gibbs ( ventura455@yahoo.com ) notes that it has a 455 with Edelbrock heads, 700R-4 transmission, and 8.5", 3.42 posi rear end.   It would be great to see some full-body pics of this fine ride someday.

  (L) The '77 wears black well.  Shorn of its badges, this sharp car was being offered by "Alabama’s ORIGINAL Online Dealer, Grove Automotive Group, Inc." Here were some of the details about the car:
Finished in black with black cloth upholstery, this very clean 1977 Pontiac Ventura is nicely equipped with a spirited and economical even fire 3.8 Liter (231 cubic inch) V6 2-bbl powerplant teamed with an automatic transmission, functional air conditioning system freshly rebuilt and converted to R134a refrigerant, power steering, power brakes, rally wheels, white letter tires, sport mirrors and much more! Servicing the vehicle, we noted that the underside of the vehicle is as clean as you can imagine, no rust or corrosion anywhere. The trunk is clean and solid. Original equipment is still in the trunk along with the padded trunk mat. The car is a one-owner from right here in Birmingham."
  (L) Wish the ad photos were a little larger, but this color combination was sort of eye-catching (and the website 77 Ventura project car grilles are primer grey at this point too).  Here were details from the seller:  "Ventura SJ hatchback- GM Flame Yellow-ground up-no rust-all steel. 350-400hp. 350-trans, 3500 stall 625 Demon carb. Air Gap intake, roller cam, lifters and rockers. Torque thrust 15x7 fr.4.75 rear-15x7 8"-5.25. Tires are Firehawk-Indy500.fr.p215/65r15 rear.p295/50r15. Interior done by Apex of Edmonton. Velour black buckets. Had car for 16 years."
One of the benefits of working as a contractor in Kuwait ("...world's biggest cat litter box...") is that you never know what you might see.  Ventura owner Harlen Stolt was on the ball and captured this sporty '77 Ventura in Kuwait City.  Nice work, Harlen!
Check out this sweet find, a '77 Landau top version.  Note the hood ornament and chrome strip down the center of the hood, too.  Proud owner Will Godfrey writes:

"I stumbled across your site while looking for parts for my car.   I find myself looking at your web page at least once a week to see all the nice cars.  I bought my car just a year and half ago, a nice lady was selling it.  I found it to be a steal considering it only had 31,500 miles when I bought it.  I've only done a couple of things to it, replace starter, battery, valve seals, rebuild the carburetor, and of course a complete fluid change.  This is my daily driver, why put a nice shiny car in the garage where no one can see it.  Good job on the site and keep up the nice work!

"The shifting knob is already replaced, found one off of a 77 Nova.   I put some air shocks in the back, you can clearly tell in the second picture.  The car just looks better when it sits level.  The AC doesn't work, but until I move somewhere like LA I really don't think I'm going to be needing it.  I'm not going to do any fancy tuning, painting or anything, I like the original look to the car.

"The engine is a 305 with a 2 barrel. Since I've bought it the engine has been about 80% rebuilt, I'll have to send a couple of pics of the engine once completed.  I was hoping it had the V6 for the gas mileage, maybe one day I'll find a nice 231 to put in it but until then this will do.  The interior needs a few newer pieces, which wont be hard to find I see them everywhere. Will Godfrey, Will W CIV 319 CES/CERW"  ( Will.Godfrey@grandforks.af.mil )


We'd be happy to display any '77 Ventura photos that you might have, even if you no longer own the car.  Just e-mail them to Roland at  pontiacv@pontiacventura.com .  "You are not alone"