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Cam Moffat ( cam.moffatt@gnb.ca ) reports that his proud Phoenix performed flawlessly through its first Canadian winter (2004).  The nice nose shot shows some details I never really noticed before (duh), like the "Pontiac" spelled out under the arrow, and what seems to be a "Phoenix" emblem on top of the header panel.
Updated shots of Cam Moffatt's primo '79 Phoenix, for which he installed a new rear bumper.  The Landau roof gives the car a really sleek look in the rear quarter view.
You may recognize this cool ride from our sales ad section. Clean lines, tinted windows, great color and a set of Buick sport rims with Pontiac center caps transform this '78 Phoenix into something special.  The lead photo is so cool, I use it as wallpaper on the computer at work.
Correspondent Al ( sailordoode@stny.rr.com ) from New York landed this car off of e-bay; it's a nice compliment to his Nova as you can see.  It turned out to be a surprisingly plain version of Pontiac's supposed 'upscale' X-body.
(R) Contributor "Mike" sends these images of a great article he found hiding in his own car mag collection.