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While retaining the same new body introduced in 1975, the Ventura gets a new face, reminding some folks of a Vega (or Astre) on steroids.  The sporty "Sprint" package becomes the "Special Appearance Group", but it still gives the car a nice racey look.

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 A series of pics from New Jersey.  Nice close-ups showing lots of detail.  This is an SJ version.
 This well-maintained car owned by Bill L.

 Looks like there might be some Chevy rims on this one.

 (L) A collection of fab four-doors

 (R) And here are a few coupes from the classifieds

 This well-preserved example was snapped here in Seattle.  This is the factory-applied "Special Appearance Group" package.
  From overseas, though the car's owner did not identify the country of origin.  Some clues make me think this could be Turkey, but of course I could be very wrong!
 (L) A beautiful setting, could this be the Mediterranean?  Or maybe the Black Sea?

 (R)  Looks like a big motor, maybe a 350?  Will these questions never cease?

  Check out the unique taillights.  The interior is very well-optioned with tilt wheel, power windows...
 (L) Here's a 'picture of a picture' of a nicely-modified vehicle in its heyday.  This car is undergoing some extensive changes; be sure to check the current status of this car below.

 (R) This 'beauty' was included because the ad copy was worth a few grins :-)

  (L) Busy net-surfer Carl rescued these images from an online auction.

  (R) Another welcome contribution from Carl.  This looks like a promotional image from Pontiac.  Nice!

Ken Likens is about to begin work on this '76 Ventura.  The exterior's suffered a bit from road salt, but the interior is mint and he's added a beefy Formula steering wheel in anticipation of more fun ahead.

Ken writes, "I have to admit that I anticipate your site updates more than my beloved monthly issue of High Performance Pontiac magazine!"

  Stripe kits for your '76 can be ordered from www.graphic-express.com  (Whether this stripe was actually originally available is another question)

 Carl finds yet another '76 photo.  I left the seller's site address attached in case there are more literature collectors out there.

'The Spirit of ’76 Lives On'  photos and text by Michael Black      (Jan 2004)
“This ‘76 is actually a ‘77 with the older nose and different bumpers from an 80's ish- Bonneville - It needs rear quarter panels due to rust at the bottom of the rear wheel wells but the rest of the car is exceptionally straight. I had plans to do the quarters and even ordered a set off the net...but they were of such incredibly poor quality that I sent 'em back... This is my daily driver for the last 8 years now ( I've had four of these cars in the last twenty years...) and it was in Car Craft in Aug of ‘99.

“I have since made numerous changes to it, and since it is a "hobby car", the changes will always continue... I love making things. The ‘76 Pontiac was BY FAR the most attractive x-body produced, except for those bumpers though.......I will do some more pics soon once I get it a little more presentable...

“‘73 455 Olds motor bored and stroked to 496 with over 100,000 miles since the last rebuild. "j" heads port matched roller rockers w/ big valves Performer intake & Quadrabog 1 3/4" hpc coated headers, dual 3" cats and x pipe w/Flowmasters, 4 core radiator with dual electric 17"fans, 150 horse NOS ( but I don’t use it anymore ...scared of seeing my rods OUTSIDE the block!) 140 amp alt. w/ dual Optima batteries and all wiring custom designed.
“Centerforce clutch and Richmond 5 spd (AWESOME trans!! over 140,000 hard miles). Nickel alloy u-joints and Ford 9" rear from Currie w/Explorer disc brakes, Mopar adjustable proportioning valve under dash.  Tubular a-arms and mildly reworked spindles and front end geometry w/big car brakes, 3/4 coil cut from front springs, rear leafs with custom-made trac bars w/Koni's.  Addco 1-1/4" front and 1" rear sway bars with all poly bushings and Koni shocks...lots of built-in adjustability. Custom interior (under construction as always...) Autometer gages, performance comp. overhead console with super tuner and EQ with Pyramid amps and 4 Pioneer 3 way 6x9's , 12" sub, CD player body is shaved, nosed and decked.  Stock bumpers were dumped for rubber replacements from a Bonneville - I think. The front body mounts were tossed and the doghouse channelled over the subframe 1.5 " for more 'rake' to the front end - and to get the damn poor factory body seams to look better...modified front inner wheelwells with 235 60R15 and 275 60R15 rear and a bunch of other stuff, mostly electronic countermeasures, but my fingers are gettin’ tired from all this typing and no wrenching......so... Thanks and Seeya  (Boy, you sure can see the paint chips in that front end of mine.....looks like the Milky Way...)  Feel free to add my email if you have time...   Michael Black   mblack2@woh.rr.com
 Finally, we have some full shots of Mike Black's mblack2@woh.rr.com highly-modified Ventura to share with you.  This car began life as a '77, but Mike liked the look of the '76 better.  The front bumper is off of another Pontiac product, too. 
The call is out for photos of your hot '76 Ventura!
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