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 4 views of a pumped-up '75 from California
 (L) The lovely maiden Megan and her '75

 (R) Note the Buick-style engine "portholes"! How did this come about?  This goes to show you that the sheet metal from a Skylark will fit, and vice versa.


  1975  (L) Nice nose shot of a '75; the aftermarket stripes are a nice accent.

 (R) Olds carried the 1974  "S" option into 1975 

1976 1977  Looks like the "S" morphed into the "SX" in '76 and ran at least until 1977.  

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1977 1977


1979:  The new Austrian taxicab!!!  Does anyone still have one?
A 1977...enjoy
 Here's the look for 1979
 (L) A collection of '76 Omegas from various public sources.

 (R) Here's a rather nice 1976 SX from Texas.

 July '03 Eric Bracken dove into his archives for these vintage shots of his '78 Omega.  He tells us:
"Originally bought as a scrap car with 43,000 miles on it for five hundred bucks, I drove the car for about five years before starting the transformation."

 (The car looks blue in these shots, but it's actually a light green.)


OMEGA Transformed (July 2003) by Eric Bracken 
"The car in the background of the one picture, is actually the car that started it all. It is a blue 79 Buick (Skylark). An ex- girlfriend and I bought it for her daily driver. It was a V6 and in really good shape. One day it was parked on the street and got hit. Insurance said they wouldn't repair it; junk it, or we could have the car if we forfeited the insurance deductible {four hundred bucks}. I got the car, put a front fender, bumper and corner turn signal on it and drove it till it tangled with a telephone pole. The pole wiped out the passenger side. Still driveable at 170,000 miles, but that is when I saw the green 78 Omega for sale and thought hmmmm, all the parts are the same and the blue Buick became a donor/parts car. 

"The green '78 hatchback was bought with a busted leaf spring, someone didn't want to fix it. It was a V6, PS, PB, with bench seat, original dog dish hubcaps, matching body color painted wheels, black interior. I did a lot of cleaning, a donor car supplied the leaf spring and then I put the Chevrolet Corvette style wheels on it, drove it till it had 93 thousand on the odometer. Then did all the transformation to the car it is today, still green.

The console in the green '78 Omega is actually out of another donor car that was bought for the interior. The car was a '77 trunk car, orange body color, white interior, 305 that was seized, and real bad rust on both rear quarters. BUT...It had bucket seats, center console with the shifter on the floor, this made it to the green car, sport steering wheel made it to the green car with the column too. The buckets are in the basement now. I also saved the front clip and both doors, you never know what you will need in the future. This orange '77 and the blue '79 Buick are all now scrapped..."

One car's not enough, so the story's not over yet:  "Present day......Bought a white '78 Omega with blue interior in it, 305 V8. It had a beautiful grille and taillights. I bought the car for just these parts, 500 bucks. The nice grille and taillights have been put on the green '78 Omega Hot Rod. This white '78 is now getting the paint job to look like an SX Omega. Planning to make the body light blue with the white on the bottom." (and he did a masterful job on the SX clone, as you'll see on the next page...)

That mild-mannered car has turned into the monster you see at left.  He continues: "The car now has been tubbed, four link rear, stretched wheel opening to fit the 31 by 15 in. tires, eight point roll cage, Sikkens paint- close to the original with some pearl added, Porsche Boxster buckets, big block Chevy power (sorry), Turbo 400 trans. Check out the cowl hood. We grafted a 69 Z-28 hood center on to the stock Omega hood. The car is now at the interior shop getting the inside all straightened out."

11-26-03  Interior Updates (all photos courtesy of Eric Bracken)
Now here's a guy doing some quality work.  The cage is beautifully integrated into the already-nice Olds interior. This is one comfortable-looking drag car!  He's got some custom door panels, new seats, and I'm guessing the silver trap door is for access to a fuel cell?  Note the new console, too.

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