1974 Buick Apollo GSX


 Some ad copy, from the now-defunct www.buickapollo.com website.
 (L) This car was being offered on e-bay, March '03, I believe this vehicle originated in Illinois.
 This GSX was offered on e-bay sometime in July or August of 2003  

 Seeing the mighty GSX name backed up by a puny 6-banger under the hood should give you some idea of the confusion at GM caused by early-70's government regulations.  Talk about losing sight of the goal.

These nose and tail shots are a great reference for the special GSX paint scheme.

Here's the original ad copy for the car above: "This is a 74 GSX , Car has a little less than 53k original miles and it shows it. Original paint, int, etc...pretty much everything is the way it came except  for the tires, batt, plugs, plug wires, and brakes. Oh yes, the rear springs were replaced in 97 due to squeaking. Runs and drives better than it looks, no hidden faults, has PS, no air or PB. Paint is thin in a few spots, a few very minor garage dings, and 2 minor rust spots the size of a nickel and a quarter down low on pass. side that are not through but must be mentioned. Also plastic filler piece between rear bumper and body has dried up and begun to crack. I make it sound worse than it appears just to avoid any chance of surprises later"